Sublimation Heat Tape

Explore our collection of various heat tapes for sublimation and toner heat transfer. This tape is perfect for keeping your transfer in place on your substrate during the personalization process without damaging the integrity of your transfer or blank item.

These heat press tapes are designed to withstand the high temperatures and pressures that come with sublimation and toner heat transfer personalization. Whether you’re a small business, hobbyist, or a professional shop owner, this heat tape will help you achieve the best results on each sublimation project.

What tape is best for sublimation?

There are two types of heat-resistant tape: green and brown heat tape. The brown heat tape is known to withstand higher temperatures and doesn’t leave residue on your substrates. The green heat tape may leave a slight, green marking on your fabric substrates after pressing, so it’s recommended to only use green heat tape when pressing hard surfaces.

Can I use masking tape instead of heat tape?

You shouldn’t use masking tape instead of heat tape because masking tape is a paper-based tape. For sublimation, you should only use heat-resistant tape because of the high temperatures and pressures when sublimating.