Desk & Wall Plate Holders

There are endless options available for mounting and displaying signage, wayfinding signs, desk plates, and name plates. Our collection features the most common mounting material to help you quickly choose the best option for your next project. For example, mounting signage using desk and wall plate holders are well suited for jobs that need quick and easy updates. Wall and name plate holders are an excellent choice for an office space as they allow for the desk name plate or wall name plate to be easily slid out and interchanged when an employee is hired or promoted!

What size material should I use for name plates and wall plates?

Desk and wall plates are commonly fabricated using material that is either 1/16” or 1/8” thick. This will allow your name plate or wall plate to easily fit into standard mounting options, like wall and desk holders. The standard dimensions of name plates and wall plates are 2”x8” or 2”x10.” Name and wall plates may be purchased precut to a 2”x8” or 2”x10” size or custom cut to the required dimensions.

How do you mount a name plate?

Mounting a nameplate typically involves attaching it securely to a surface, such as a door, desk, or wall. The method you choose may depend on the type of nameplate you have and the surface to which you want to mount it. You will need a name plate or wall plate, mounting screws, and a level.

Remember that the specific steps may vary depending on the type of nameplate and the mounting surface. Always follow any instructions provided with the nameplate and consider the material of the surface when choosing the appropriate mounting hardware.