Popular Brands

We offer the signage and personalization industry the best sheet products possible for any project. Unlock a world of unparalleled craftsmanship and precision with our curated selection of renowned engraving brands like Rowmark and IPI. Rowmark and IPI offer a wide range of plastic sheets that are designed to be durable, versatile, and suitable for engraving, cutting, and other fabrication processes. Both brands offer an expansive range of color options at a range of price points. You can trust the brands found at JPPlus will provide you ease of fabrication, consistency, and quality material composition.

What kind of things do people engrave names on?

People engrave names on a wide range of items for various reasons, including personalization, identification, and commemoration. Rowmark and IPI materials can be found in nameplates, made badges, and pet tags. Other items that are often engraved with names include glassware, memorial items, personal accessories and home décor.

What is Rowmark material?

Rowmark is an American brand that specializes in producing engraving and marking materials, particularly plastic sheets designed for a variety of applications. Rowmark materials are widely used in the signage, identification, and industrial labeling industries. The specific characteristics and properties of Rowmark materials can vary depending on the product line and intended use. The brand boasts over 30 lines of material designed for the unique needs of each project. For example, outdoor durability, flexibility, UV stability, and chemical resistance are some of the characteristics available in the Rowmark product line.