Sheet Paper

Explore our wide range of sublimation sheet paper, perfect for all your sublimation needs. Whether your sublimation projects are big or small, we have sizes of sublimation sheets that will accommodate your personalization designs. Shop our exclusive Johnson Plastics Plus Sublimation Paper or other brands of paper such as TruePix Sublimation Paper, Epson Sublimation Paper, Neenah Coldenhove Jetcol® DHS Sublimation Paper, TextPrint Sublimation Paper, and more!

Can you use sublimation sheets with a regular printer?

You should only use sublimation sheets with a dedicated sublimation paper. Regular inkjet paper can’t take sublimation ink like a sublimation printer, and your sublimation paper will go to waste if used with inkjet ink.

How many times can you use a sublimation sheet?

You can only use a sheet of sublimation paper once. A sublimation sheet is just like any other paper where once something is printed on the sheet, the paper cannot be reused.