Heat Presses

Discover the world of versatile heat presses to help you reach your sublimation goals. We carry a diverse range of top-quality heat presses made to elevate your printing experience and bring your designs to life.

This collection includes large-format sublimation heat presses, small-format heat presses, heat presses with attachments for drinkware, and more. Whether you’re running a small-scale personalization business or an industrial-grade production, you’re sure to find the right heat press for you and your business.

Designed to accommodate a wide range of substrates, these heat presses allow you to be completely versatile with your substrates and product offering. These heat presses are great for creating promotional products, unique apparel, custom signs, and more. Browse through our collection of swing-away, clamshell, combination heat presses, drinkware presses, heat presses, and state-of-the-art convection ovens.

What kind of heat press is best for sublimation printing?

The type of heat press you should get depends on the type of items you’re sublimating. Swing-away heat presses are great for apparel and thicker materials. The swing-away movement offers excellent visibility and easy layout positioning, but they require more space because of the swing-away motion.

The clamshell press is a great, affordable option and saves space in your work area, but you may have to take more time to get precise alignment when pressing your items. Of course, if you’re personalizing hats, a hat press is the best option for you, and you should look into purchasing a drinkware-specific heat press if you sublimate a lot of drinkware. We offer some great brands regarding heat presses, including Geo Knight, HIX, and Stahl’s.

What is the heat press temperature for sublimation?

The ideal temperature for sublimation will vary depending on the substrate you’re sublimating. Although the ideal temperature could be lower or higher, the usual range of temperature when sublimating is around 350-400°F. If you’re not sure about what temperature you should be pressing your item at, you can go to our tech tips, located in the downloads tab on the product page of that item.