Marking Solutions

We’ve made it easy to shop for a range of industry-leading brands and products for your engraving and material marking needs. Discover specialty products like dies, stamp making products, wood fill and several varieties of CerMark marking sprays and pastes. Uncover a rainbow of color options in our color fill kits, paint markers, and paint fill to complete your engraving and marking projects with your desired look!

How do you mark on metal?

There are several methods for marking on metal, and the choice of method depends on factors such as the type of metal, the required permanence of the mark, and the tools or equipment available. Common methods include engraving and laser marking. Engraving involves cutting or scratching into the surface of the metal. Laser marking uses a laser to remove or alter the surface of the metal to create a visible mark. Marking sprays and pastes, like CerMark, are often utilized to make the mark darker and higher contrast.

What is CerMark?

CerMark is a brand name associated with a type of product used for laser marking on various materials, including metal, glass, ceramic, and some plastics. The primary product offered by CerMark is a laser marking solution that, when applied to a surface, allows for high-contrast and permanent marks to be created using a laser engraving machine.