Sublimation Office Blanks

Combine functionality and personalization with sublimation-ready office blanks. Explore the variety of Johnson Plastics Plus sublimation blanks that can be personalized as office gifts for your customers. Our notebooks work as great sublimation planner blanks that can be personalized with a customer’s name for a specific year. More sublimation blanks that are perfect for the office include sublimation name cards, desk plate holders, mouse pads, and more.

What kind of notebooks can I sublimate on?

If you’re wondering whether you can sublimate on a notebook, there are a few things to note before trying it out. Sublimation requires your item to have a special sublimation coating, so you need to make sure your notebook has that sublimation coating before sublimating. You should also make sure that your notebook can withhold the pressure and heat of the sublimation process. All of the notebooks listed on this page are sublimation-ready, meaning they already have that sublimation coating and they are known to be able to withstand the heat and pressure of the sublimation process.

How long do you press sublimation business cards?

Each kind of business card will have a varying time and temperature for sublimation depending on the thickness and material of the business card. If you’re looking for the sublimation time and temperature of any of our business cards, go to the Tech Tips under the “Downloads” tab on the product page of the item.