Direct to Film (DTF) Ink, Powder & Cleaner

Direct to Film (DTF) Inks are designed to adhere well to film and facilitate the transfer of vibrant and detailed designs onto textiles. There are several different ink types and formulas offered to fit your desired end result as well as its job is to ensure that adhesion is accomplished successfully.

DTF cleaner aims to keep your system running efficiently as possible. We recommend that users complete routine maintenance on their printers. It is important to find DTF ink, powder & cleaner that are compatible for Uninet DTF printers.

Do I need to use DTF powder?

Direct to film powder is a crucial part in the DTF printing process. Its job is to ensure successful and durable prints. After your design is printed, DTF powder is applied to the ink and the powder pairs with the ink to make a layer of adhesive. This additional layer of adhesive helps enhance the bond between the ink and fabric during the heat transfer process. The compatibility of DTF ink and powder make a smooth and successful DTF printing process.

What surfaces can you use DTF printing on?

DTF printing allows the user to create basic or complicated, colorful weedless digital transfers. There are so many surfaces that you can use, but we recommend cotton, polyester, nylon, canvas and blends. Using the correct ink, powder, cleaner and surfaces allows users to make beautiful long-lasting prints. This product is great for artists and entrepreneurs that are looking to step into the realm of endless possibilities.