UV-LED printing creates beautiful and durable images and is suitable for a variety of substrates. UV-LED printing uses special inks to create full-color images on several types of materials including metal, plastic, bamboo, and leather-like material. Shop our collection of UV-LED ink below!

Where can I find ink for my DCS printer?

There are several brands of UV-LED printers and each typically requires a brand compatible ink to keep the machine running well and maintain the manufacturer’s warranty. Our collection features DCS inks that are compatible with various models of printers. If you have questions about compatibility, reach out to our support team or to the team at DCS directly!

How should I store my UV-LED inks?

Storing UV-LED inks properly is crucial to maintaining their quality and performance. When storing the inks purchased from our collection, it’s important to consider the temperature and light exposure in your storage space. Reducing light exposure and extreme temperatures changes is highly important in maintaining the quality of your ink. Additionally, creating a storage system of first-in first-out will ensure you’re using the ink before the expiration date.