Health & Safety Products for the New Workplace

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As businesses and schools continue the process of reopening and adjust to the new workplace, there’s a demand for products focused on customer, employee, and student safety. Stacey Wolke, Sales Manager for Consumable Products, is here to show you all of the available options to offer your customers. From barriers to face masks and shields to signage options, these products can help your customers quickly get up to speed with ever changing local regulations and recommendations. 1. See the latest options in permanent and semi-permanent sneeze guards 2. Get an in-depth overview of the face shields and sublimated face masks we offer including NEW youth sizes 3. Explore the selection of current pre-fabricated safety and informational signage 4. Learn how easy it is to offer your customers personalized options that will set you apart from the competition 5. Find out how you can tap into additional markets such as education and healthcare