Bring School Personalization In-House and Increase On-Demand Capabilities

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Karli Parsell
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Tired of out-sourcing projects and working with outside vendors? Let us show you how easy it is to bring school personalization in-house and save money. See how heat transfer technology and sublimation can expand the products you offer and create one-off, personalized items. Karli Parsell will walk you through the differences between sublimation and heat transfer technology and show how to grow your bookstore and print shop services ten-fold with unlimited new products. • Save time and money and easily bring one-off personalization in-house to your print shop, bookstore, or athletic department. • See side-by- side comparisons of items for sublimation and heat transfer technology to see which one is right for you. • Find out what equipment you’ll need for each technology to get up and running.