Supplies for your Epson F170

Epson F170 Printer
Everything you need for your Epson F170 sublimation printer is here!

If you’re looking for supplies for your Epson F170 printer, Johnson Plastics Plus has you covered. With more than 30 years of experience in the sublimation industry, you’ll find a wide range of sublimation paper, heat tapes, and thousands of blanks that will work perfectly with your Epson F170.

Epson Inks for your F170

As an authorized Epson supplier, we offer Epson sublimation ink that’s compatible with the Epson F170 sublimation printer. These inks feature a two-year shelf life when unopened. Epson is known for their high-quality, affordable inks, and with their long shelf life keeping your F170 printing is as easy as having spare ink on the shelf and ready to use.

Sublimation Paper for your F170

We also offer many different sizes of sublimation paper that are compatible with the Epson F170 to help keep your personalization business running smoothly. Not only do we carry Epson brand sublimation paper, but we also offer paper from suppliers such as Jetcol, TextPrint, and SubliDecal.

In addition, Johnson Plastics Plus Sublimation Paper works perfectly with the Epson F170 and is a great choice for a multi-purpose sublimation paper for hard and soft substrates. This paper comes in many different sizes so you can choose the size that works best for you and your business.

Thousands of Sublimation Blanks, All in One Place.

There are so many different options to choose from when it comes to sublimation blanks for your Epson F170. We offer the top trending items your customers are looking for, including the hot new products you’ll want to personalize for your customers.

Our line of sublimation-ready products have been tested by our in-house team of experts and provide beautiful, full-color image reproduction.

We’re known for our wide selection of sublimatable drinkware and personalizing these items with your Epson F170 is simple and fun! Create personalized tumblers and mugs with a special picture or quote, or make personalized shot glasses for a bachelor or bachelorette party. Check out our drinkware page to see all of our tumblers, wine glasses, drinkware accessories, and more!

Our home décor line is filled with sublimation-friendly frames, wall art, ornaments and more to create a cozy and personalized space for your customers. You can find everything home décor on our home décor collection page.

Personalized apparel is another great way to make a huge profit from your Epson F170. Create custom shirts and more with your customer’s favorite sports team or a picture of loved ones as a gift for the holidays.

Supplies for your Sublimation Business

Be sure to have all of the additional supplies you’ll need for your sublimation business, including heat presses, specialty mug presses, heat tape, heat gloves, blowout paper, and teflon paper.

Along with all the inks, paper, blanks, and supplies for your F170, we have a team of sublimation experts who can help you with questions you may have. We want to make it easy for you to thrive in your sublimation business, and we help you stay stocked up on everything you’ll need to keep your Epson F170 printer running fast and efficiently!

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