New Year, New Drinkware Products: Part One - Simply Engraving Tumblers

Johnson Plastics Plus is always listening to our customers when it comes to adding new products to our lineup, particularly trending drinkware items. These 20oz & 30oz Simply Engraving Tumblers are the perfect customizable product to add to your business and one of the hottest tumbler products for laser personalization. Here are some tips and tricks on how to engrave the tumblers and get the best results possible for your customers.

Compatible Lasers

Any large-format laser engraver will work when personalizing these tumblers. If you personalized drinkware before in your laser, then the process is very similar. However, due to the size of the tumblers, most desktop lasers won’t be able accommodate the tumblers. One exception is the Flux Beamo Desktop Laser Cutter & Engraver that’s available through The Beamo is a tabletop engraver that has the depth to accommodate a rotary attachment. You can see a demo of the Beamo laser engraving a similar tumbler on our website here.

Flux Beamo and Rotary AttachmentFlux Beamo and Rotary Attachment
What do You Need?

Obviously, the most important thing you’ll need to customize these tumblers is a laser engraver, which is the most popular method for creating a permanent engraved mark on these tumblers. However, you could also personalize with a UV-LED printer or vinyl.

We highly recommend you use a compatible rotary attachment for your laser if one is available. With a rotary attachment, you’re able to engrave wider areas on the tumbler’s surface and create full wrap-around engravings. However, if you don’t have a rotary attachment, all is not lost! You can download our Rackstar stationary jig templates to keep your tumbler in place while personalizing.

Before engraving, you’ll want to use or create an elevation spacer disk so the tumbler sits level in your laser. You can download our template for the elevation spacer disk on the 20/30oz Simply Engraving Tumbler product page and use it to create the disk. We recommend using 1/8” thick acrylic or similar material for the elevation spacer disk.

Artwork Placement

When it comes to personalizing drinkware, the placement of the artwork is almost important as the artwork itself. Thankfully, tumbler templates are available on the product page that can be downloaded and used in most graphic design software. These templates will allow you to resize your artwork by giving you the dimensions of the area where it’s safe to personalize on the tumbler.


There are so many different resources on our page to give you even more tips and tricks on how to engrave these tumblers. Not only are there tech docs and templates on the 20/30oz Simply Engraving Tumbler product page, but there are a wide range of videos that can give you engraving tips on and YouTube page.

In addition, there are past and upcoming FREE webinars on our website that are full of engraving tips and tricks from industry professionals. Our live webinars feature fabrication and industry professionals who will walk you through a variety of demonstrations and answer questions live.

Yet another great place to find engraving tips is in the Resource Center on The Resource Center is available as a free resource to customers. Head to the Resources page and click on Laser Engraving to see frequently asked questions about laser engraving settings, fabrication tips, and more!

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