Highlight Your Work with Mounting Hardware

Three examples of mounting hardware for signs and name plates

As a fabricator who specializes in marking, printing or engraving, you’re primary medium is traditionally two dimensional. From rigid, printable materials such as Sintra to sublimatable aluminum to plastic engraving stock, your finished work deserves to stand out. Using mounting hardware such as stand-offs and wall or desk plates can bring a finishing touch and additional value to your project.

There are several ways for your customers to mount your finished sign or plaque. The easiest way is with simple, double sided tape or standard screws. It’s quick and does the job, but doesn’t really add much to your finished design. And this type of mounting doesn’t add to your bottom line.

There are several options available to make your next sign or plaque stand out. These options bring additional value to your project…value that translates into a higher price point and additional money to your bottom line.

Using stand-offs or wall plates can add visual dimension to your sign without a large additional investment on your part. Sell your customers on the fact that signs and plaques that stand off from vertical surfaces present depth and visual interest and receive more viewpoints than other mounting options. Let’s take a deeper look (pun intended) at two of the options available.


Stand-offs, also called caps and barrels or puck and barrels, were invented by Gyford Décor for the trade show and exhibit markets back in the early 1990s. Since then, they’ve become a mainstay for interior and exterior signage applications.

Stand-offs and other similar hardware are versatile and offer several different mounting styles. Since stand-offs are mounted in the corners of the piece, you are not limited by the size constraints from a traditional frame. Stand-off requires a hole to be drilled through the sign or plaque to be mounted, while edge-grip style stand-offs don’t require drilling through the sign. Either option has the barrel (base) mechanically fastened to the wall.

Close up on the corner of a sign to show the mounting hardwareClose up on the corner of a sign to show the mounting hardware

Stand-offs are typically sold in packs of four, although additional stand-offs can be purchased for larger sign installations. They come in a wide variety of metallic finishes and colors. Using stand-offs allows you to offer your customers a complete, finished installation that offers a contemporary look. It also adds perceived value to your signs or plaques and gives you room to add margin points to your end price.

A desk with a tea cup, paper and pen, desk name plate, and on the wall behind a framed image to please have a seat next to mounted wall plate holder list of namesA desk with a tea cup, paper and pen, desk name plate, and on the wall behind a framed image to please have a seat next to mounted wall plate holder list of names
Wall Plate Holders

If you’re looking for a simpler option for a finished look, wall plate holders are a great compliment to two-dimensional signs. While not providing the same depth from the mounting surface as stand-offs, wall holders are typically easier to install, either with simple screws or double-sided tape. They also offer the ability to easily change sign inserts and are ideal for multi-use rooms or areas.

Like traditional sign frames, wall and desk plate holders come in pre-cut sizes, so you’ll have to factor that in when creating your finished piece. However, if you do signs in a standardized size on a regular basis, buying in bulk and having holders on-hand can save you money and increase turn-around times. Like stand-offs, wall plate holders give you a great opportunity to upsell your customers and add more revenue to your bottom line.

Mounted Signs Bring More Money

Whether you choose to use stand-offs, edge grips, or wall plate holders, offering your customers a finished, mounted sign option is a great way to add revenue to your bottom line. Regardless of your marking method, adding value to your work through mounting options results in happy customers, more referrals, and more money in your pocket.

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