Website Registration Process Update

individual at a laptop accessing the JPPlus website

Johnson Plastics Plus has recently updated our registration process if you’re wanting to register on our website under your existing JPP account.

When you start creating an account on our website, the first question you will see is "Bought from us before?" If you or someone at your company have purchased from us before, you should already have a Johnson Plastics Plus account in our system. You can use the Find My Account feature to register for our website under that existing account and have access to your order history, order status, and make purchases.

view of JPPlus login and account creation when you've bought from JPPlus beforeview of JPPlus login and account creation when you've bought from JPPlus before

You can search for your account with an account number, your email address, or your phone number. Your Johnson Plastics Plus account number should appear on all packing slips and invoices. Searching by more than one field at a time will give you more refined search results.

view of the "Find My Account" promptview of the "Find My Account" prompt

Once your account is found, the email address of a designated administrator for the account will appear. Click the Send Approval Code button to send the 6-digit code to the admin’s email address. This code will let us know that you’re, well, part of this account!

view of the "send approval code" stepview of the "send approval code" step

If the first email did not come through, you can request another by clicking the Send a New Code link. Sending a second code will inactivate the first code sent. You will then need to enter the code to be able to finish your online registration.

view of where to put the approval codeview of where to put the approval code

If you have any questions during this process, please contact our customer service department at or 800-869-7800.

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