Sheet with Adhesive Applied is a Click Away

If you need adhesive applied to your sheet material, look no further! Johnson Plastics Plus has four great options for double-sided adhesive that we can directly apply to your sheet stock before it’s shipped to you. These same four tapes are also available to purchase in rolls if you want to apply them yourself.

When browsing sheet materials on, you’ll find the adhesive application options just above the product Overview. Simply choose the adhesive you’d like applied and click Add to Cart. The sheet material and adhesive will be added to the order together. For products with a pre-applied adhesive option, such as Rowmark ADA Alternative, select the Standard 2-mil ADA Tape option to order the pre-applied adhesive sheets.

Adhesive options you can select on different productsAdhesive options you can select on different products

A little about each adhesive

The Standard ADA Tape is a 2-mil thick acrylic adhesive tape. Temperature resistant to 400 degrees F, this moisture-proof tape is great for harsh environments. It’s recommended for attaching nameplates, displays, and signs, and can be used when applying applique to ADA signs. It adheres well to plastics and works well when vector cut with a laser. It will “gum up” if sheared or rotary cut.

347 Tissue Tape

The 4-mil thick acrylic adhesive 347 Tissue Tape is a great value for the price. Featuring excellent holding power, fast curing, and heat and plasticizer resistance, it is a high-tack, high-performance pressure sensitive tape. It bonds well to aluminum, brass, plastics, and acrylics, and doesn’t cause gumming when cut with a shear or saw. It‘s a great general purpose, cost-effective adhesive.

330 Heavy Duty Mounting Tape

The 4-mil 330 Heavy Duty Mounting Tape is a thin, aggressive adhesive that lays down smooth and vector laser cuts very well. It works great for laminating sheets of material together. "In my entire time here, never did I get a complaint from a customer that something we had laminated [with 330 adhesive] came apart." says Dallas Bee, Johnson Plastics Plus Fabrication Services Advisor. It is not recommended to cut this adhesive with a shear or saw to prevent gumming on the blades.

Applying adhesiveApplying adhesive

468 Transfer Tape

The 5-mil thick acrylic adhesive 468 Transfer Tape is moisture stable with a silicone-treated paper liner and easy release characteristics. It adheres well to plastics and works well when vector cut with a laser. "I use the 468 for items that need to be outdoor." says Jessica Carpenter, Johnson Plastics Plus Fabrication Supervisor. It will gum up when cut with a shear, saw, or rotary engraver.

Tack Level Medium High High Medium
Humidity & Moisture Resistance High Low Low High
Solvent Resistance High Low High High
Thickness .002" .004" .004" .005"
Temperature Range -40 to 400 N/A -50 to 225 -40 to 400
Characteristics Delayed Bonding, Good for ADA Application General Purpose, Inexpensive Aggressive, Smooth Application, Great for laminating sheets together Delayed Bonding, good for outdoor applications
Preferred Cutting Method Laser vector cutting Rotary, Shear, Saw, Laser vector cutting Laser vector cutting Laser vector cutting

When you need adhesive applied to your next sheet material purchase, be sure to let Johnson Plastics Plus help you out. Whether you want to apply it yourself or have our team of fabrication specialists apply it for you, we have the right products for whatever your project calls for.

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