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Item #4103
Two-sided creative border metal ornament with white gloss finish.


Before you get started, prep your work station with the following:
- Bare substrate & printed transfer
- Heat tape, cleaning cloth & all-purpose cleaner
- Heat gloves, scissors & blowout paper
Download & print our checklist and instructions below!

Step 1

First, turn on your heat press and set the temperature to 385°F / 195°C (temperatures based on prints made with small desktop sublimation printers). Strong pressure is recommended (settings may vary based on equipment).
Add a sheet of protection paper (blowout paper) on the bottom plate of the heat press.

Step 2

Clean the surface with all-purpose cleaner, a cloth, and compressed air.

Step 3

You should have two images printed on your transfer paper.
Cut the corners of one of the transfers about 5mm away from the edge of the image in order to have plenty of space to tape the first transfer to the second.

Step 4

Next, line up and center one side of the blank bag tag to the transfer with the cut corners.
Pick up the bag tag and crease the transfer paper along the edges of the bag tag so it will stay lined up with the outline of the image or graphic.

Step 5

Make sure the transfer is at the edge of the table, and hold the first transfer in place by tightly gripping the bag tag and transfer with your thumb and finger.

Step 6

Line it up with the second transfer, keeping the first side of the transfer slightly peeled back, so you can see where you’re placing the ornament.

Step 7

Once secured on the second transfer, peel back the edges of the first to double check that all the sides are even. Make small adjustments as needed.

Step 8

Next, place four pieces of tape on the corners to secure the transfers to the ornament. Avoid placing the tape on the ornament outline.
Carefully slide the prepared ornament off the table and place in the heat press.

Step 9

Add everything in the center of the bottom plate of the heat press. Be sure that your printed transfer is face-down on the bottom plate.
Add a layer of blowout paper or Endura on top of your printed transfer and press for 0:45-0:55 seconds on each side.
Close the heat press so the sublimation process starts.

Step 10

When the sublimation process stops, remove immediately the transfer paper off both sides of the ornaments and allow the product to cool down.
Attention: the item will be hot, so wear protective heat gloves
NOTE: If you press 1 side at a time:
1) Let the first side cool completely before sublimating the 2nd side.
2) Be very careful about where you place the tape when pressing your 2nd side. Place tape where you are not likely to see color loss when re-heated; as close to the edge as possible is our recommendation.