Great New Products for Personalization


When we launched our Saddle Collection line of laser engravable and UV-LED printable gift items in 2018, the response from our customers was fantastic! People loved the look and feel of the product line and how easy it is to fabricate.

Along with the nice comments we received about the line, there were questions about adding other products. Can you add a wallet? Money clip? More picture frames? How about other decor items?

Our Product Development team takes all of your suggestions to heart, and they do their best to secure the products you want to see added to It's their hard work that has led us to adding our THIRD round of products to the Saddle Collection.


Haven't tried our Saddle Collection products yet? Here's a promo code that will get you 15% OFF* all Saddle Collection products through the end of February: 9PAB6

All told, there are now more than 150 products available as part of the Saddle Collection. The video below shows you the latest round of products added to the collection.

Visit and start shopping today!

*Discount applies to standard list price. Promo code cannot be combined with any special or volume discount pricing. Promo code expires 2/28/19.

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