A Dedicated Sublimation Printer Makes Life Easier!

Epson F570 and Products

If you’re looking to expand your business into full-color personalization, or you’re currently customizing items with sublimation using a converted inkjet printer, it might be time to consider adding the versatile Epson SureColor F570 sublimation printer. This printer gives you outstanding results in a printer that was designed and manufactured specifically for sublimation.

A Printer Made for Sublimation

Epson printers are known for their quality and durability, so it’s no surprise that customers have been retrofitting standard Epson inkjet printers for sublimation. It’s a practice that’s been going on for years, and one that seems like a cost-effective way to get started in sublimation. However, it can lead to some unintended headaches down the road.

Inkjet printers were designed to use standard printer inks. While it may seem that swapping standard inks for sublimation inks isn’t a big deal, the truth is there is enough difference between the two inks that can lead to printer issues. Sublimation inks have a different, slightly thicker composition than standard inks. That can lead to clogged print heads and corrosion that, at best, will cause printing issues and unnecessary print head cleaning. At worst, it will cause your printer to malfunction on a regular basis. And if you’ve used sublimation inks in an Epson inkjet printer, that will automatically void the Epson two-year warranty.

Time is Money

Purchasing a printer that was designed specifically for sublimation will save you time and money. Printers such as the Epson F570 offer sublimation print speeds that can’t be matched by inkjet printers retrofitted with sublimation ink.

While most inkjet printers will print to letter or legal sized paper, the F570 allows you to print on sublimation paper sheets or roll stock up to 24.4” wide. This versatility means you can create larger transfers or print multiple, smaller designs in a single print job.

Since the printer and print heads are manufactured to work with sublimation ink, you can be confident that clogged print heads and wasted ink are a thing of the past. It also all but eliminates the need for additional maintenance and is covered by Epson’s warranty.

Roll of Epson paper with four inksRoll of Epson paper with four inks
What’s Included with your Purchase

The Epson SureColor 570 sublimation printer includes Epson’s outstanding Edge Print Pro software, two full sets of 140ml CMYK ink bottles, and one 24” x 100’ roll and two 17” x 100’ rolls of DS Transfer Multi Use sublimation paper. In addition, you’ll receive FREE remote installation with a member of the Johnson Plastics Plus support team and FREE lifetime Tier 1 technical support from Johnson Plastics Plus. Upon printer registration, Epson offers a one-year warranty with the customer option to purchase additional coverage past one year.

If you’ve been using a converted Epson inkjet printer for sublimation, the Epson SureColor F570 is the perfect upgrade for your growing business. A dedicated sublimation printer is a worthwhile investment in your business and will pay off with less down time, less wasted paper, and less worry when compared to a retrofitted printer. To learn more about the Epson F570, including full specifications, product images, downloadable help documents and more, visit the product page on jpplus.com.

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