Why Social Media is Essential for Your Business

Why Social Media is Essential for Your Business

We’re currently living in the digital communication era, with a whopping 59% of the world’s population is on social media. The average consumer spends about two and a half hours PER DAY on social media sites and apps. With more than half of the people in the world scrolling through social media every day, it’s imperative that you have a social media plan as part of your marketing strategy.

Low Cost for Instant Access

There are so many reasons why adding your business to social platforms is beneficial, but perhaps the best reason is because it’s essentially no cost to make create an account. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter are all free for someone to create an account and post.

However, if you have extra room in your marketing budget, spending that on paid social media opportunities can supercharge your promotional efforts. On most platforms, you’re able to boost and promote your post to increase the number of views that post may get. The great thing about this opportunity is that you can adjust your spend to fit your budget, and even just a few dollars will help push your posts out to more users and potential customers.

Reach New Customers and Markets

Building awareness of your brand and products/services is essential to keeping a business growing. Social media is one of the best ways to build awareness because of the diversity of potential customers who will see your brand and products.

Creating eye-catching posts, particularly with photos and video, will keep consumers from just scrolling past your media, and your name will stay in the back of their minds until they’re ready to reach out and buy one of your products. They may even follow you right away because they want to know more about your company!

Keep up with the Competition

Your competition is most likely on social media. If they are, they have an advantage because they’re able attract and message to a bigger piece of the market than you are. If you join social media now, you ensure that your competition doesn’t get too far ahead, and you’re able to take a piece of that market yourself.

If your competition isn’t on social media yet, it’s only a matter of time until they join. By being the first of your type of business to promote on social media, you’re able to grab the attention of a huge chunk of that market for yourself before your competitors.

Create a Community

Social media gives you an outlet to voice your brand message, vision, and mission with customers who share in your passion. With social media, you’re able to create a community of followers with your specific niche and type of business.

To help grow your community online, you should create content that’s relatable, informative, and entertaining. Consumers love to follow accounts that benefit them, whether that’s learning something new, feeling seen or heard, or just getting a good laugh. Users won’t stay on your page or account very long if you only try to sell to them. That’s why you need a mixture of different types of posts to keep them entertained and the promotional posts you’re sprinkling in still get exposure.

Build Relationships

Not only does posting on social media help you gain a community of followers, but it also helps you build closer relationships with your followers and customers. Creating relationships where your customers feel that they have a voice and care about what you’re saying will likely result in those people staying loyal to your brand.

These relationships that you build with your followers will increase your networking as well, and you’ll gain connections that you might have missed offline. These connections could be loyal customers along with brand partnerships, deals, and so much more.

Search Engine Success

Finally, social media is a big factor when search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing are trying to figure out where your website will be ranked in someone’s search results. This alone should be a reason for you to start your social media journey. With presence on social platforms and a good social media strategy, you’ll likely increase your website’s search result rankings on search engines and potentially increase traffic to your website!

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