Custom Stanley Tumbler Nameplates

Name plates for tumbler

Customized nameplates for the popular Stanley Quencher H2 tumblers are all the rage right now, and if you haven’t started offering them already, now is the time to do so. These nameplates can be easily made from a variety of sheet material and a hobby laser, and they can be sold with a high-profit margin.


You can create a wide range of materials to create Stanley Tumbler nameplates for your customers. Cast acrylic sheet is the most popular material used to create nameplates, however, you can create a variety of nameplates from solid colors, glitter, and clear sheet materials.

Sublimation Cast Acrylic

Sublimation cast acrylic is a game changer for these nameplates if you have a laser and sublimation printer. With sublimation acrylic, laser out the shape for your nameplate and sublimate any design onto it to make it full-color and completely customizable.

Craft Plastic

Craft Plastic is an excellent material to add to the cast acrylic for the name. The Craft Plastic adds a matte finish product to the gloss acrylic and helps to give the nameplate dimension and texture. The craft plastic can be added to the acrylic using double-sided adhesive.

Stanley Nameplate Cut File

If you don’t already have a cut file for nameplates for the Stanley Quencher H2 tumbler, you can download the file below to start creating! Download the cut file below and add it to your laser software as you would any other design file.

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