Using Product Photos from for YOUR Business!

Johnson Plastics Plus wants to help give you the resources you need to sell more products to your customers! From unbranded catalogs to product photography, we have the tools you need to grow. But sometimes, it’s hard to know how to use them.

ALL of our product photos are available to use in your marketing efforts, whether you’re posting on social media or needing some photos for your Etsy shop or online store. If you’re having trouble downloading or copying our product photography, we’ve outlined the steps below to make your life a little easier.

1. Go to the product page on you’d like to use photos for We will be using our 12oz Straight Stainless Steel Kids Water Bottles as the example.

2. Left (standard) click the photo to the left of the title and information to make the photo larger

3. You’ll be able to download your image on the next screen!

4. If you’re worried about a customer wanting the same art on their order, you can always save the blank, un-personalized product photo, and use your software to add a design!

Popular software to add a design to an image is:
CorelDraw (Paid)
Adobe Photoshop (Paid)
Gimp (Free)
Canva (Free)
Adobe Spark (Free)
DesignWizard (Free)
Krita (Free)
Inkscape (Free)

Now you can save whatever product image you need, directly to your computer. Use them as your own to help market your business and products.

Happy Saving!!

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