Thinking Outside the Box: Five Unique Ways to use Simply Wall and Desk Holders

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If the pandemic taught small business owners anything, it taught them how to pivot to supply their customers with successful and quality signage using items at hand. By employing unconventional and creative ideas to fulfill orders, business owners built their repertoire to include many new unique ways of utilizing stocked wall and desk holders needing signage. This resulted in fresh new ideas that brightened average wayfinding.

Lance Lewis, owner of Lewis Engraving in Covina, California, says, “When Covid hit, our sales immediately went down 70%. It was a hard time for everybody. When things started picking up again, it was difficult to get any supplies in a timely manner. I had to utilize the stuff I already had on the shelf to fulfill orders for customers who just could not wait for the very long lead times that were being offered. I think everyone in the industry was in the same boat at that time.”

Indeed, they were.

Here are five ideas that bloomed from that demanding time that will inspire your next projects:

1. Make a changeable message sign frame with a Simply Standard Desk Holder.

This idea can accommodate almost any application desired; In/Out, Open/Closed, and so on. By merely adhering a 2” x 12” x 1/32” piece of Rowmark engraving material that states your word selections at each end and then sliding in over top of this a 2” x 10” x 1/32” main sign, you have created a changeable message frame that is perfect for quick status updates and identifications. The top sign can be slid over to cover up the message not desired at the time. Use Simply item number #SD122 Desk Holder

2. Make an effortless floating sign with changeable capabilities with the Simply Double Wall Holder.

Although many companies chose to put up clear barriers during Covid, the rules of signage did not change. This forced businesses to figure out a new way of having their required signage seen and present on or near these barriers. This provided an opportunity for sign companies to refresh old signs and update the application in which they were used.

With many facilities like DMV’s, banks, court houses and schools that have a designated payment station that has often changes of employees and hours, the Simply double wall holder is the perfect vehicle to identify the correct location. With two 1” sections atop each other, one section can be used for a fixed message while the other can be changed out to accommodate the employee or hours currently available. Light, yet sturdy, this wall holder is easily applied to the barrier with double sided tape or clear adhesive.

One sign maker has even used this part to create a free hanging sign that was attached to a low ceiling at a golf club member information desk by using chains and pins. Talk about innovative! Use Simply item number #SW3911 Double Wall holder and cut to desired length.

3. Make a flush vertical wayfinding sign with a Simply Wall Holder.

An alternative to a corridor sign, and helpful for the customer who is short on horizontal space, create a flush vertical wayfinding sign that is creative and distinctive. Something like this can be placed on a door jamb for instance, to showcase a required Exit sign, point to a bathroom location or offer assistance as to the spot of important building cables or lines. This sign can be placed at eye level or even much higher to attract visual distinction. Adhere a vertical sign on the side of a cash register calling out exclusive offers, add-on purchases or clearance items for impulse buying sales.

With impulse buying the main driver for sales in physical stores, this sign would play a critical role in grabbing those extra sales opportunities. Because the wall holder has open ends, a sign would need to be taped into the holder to stay in place, making this an unfavorable option for a changeable message type sign. However, one may be able to apply an inventive stopper along the bottom to halt any signage falling through. Use any of the Simply wall holders that fit your sizing needs.

4. Make an easily moveable location identification sign with a Simply Traditional Aluminum Desk Base.

When in certain facilities, such as medical buildings and universities, it is required to identify the location of important equipment for emergency purposes. Many times, these distinguishing signs are permanently adhered to a desk, door or closet entrance. With this important paraphernalia often being transferred to other areas within the facility depending on things such as nurses on duty, emergency room reconfigurations, study hall relocations after the ending of a semester and so on, it has been found it is easier to replace the sign quickly without creating damage to the original site.

Signmakers have come up with an alternative by using an aluminum desk base that is set into place indefinitely but having the option of just changing out the sign only. By using this option, a swift change by janitorial staff can be done with the signage without disturbing anything else. If needed, one can adhere a Simply Clear Plastic Cubicle Hanger to a wall outside a door entrance and adhere the aluminum desk holder onto that if no nearby desk is available. Use Simply item number #SD.75 Simply Traditional Aluminum Desk Base and part #PCUBHAN1-CS Cubicle Hanger.

5. Make a rotating sign with a Simply Aluminum Sign Base for quick up to date CDC changes.

With CDC requirements changing so often in this day and age, it is important to keep the public aware of the latest regulations. By creating a two-sided sign using the Simply sign base, you can turn the marker to read the message most accurate for any recent change made.

For example, Mr. Lewis of Lewis Engraving has made many signs for his customers that read on one side, NO MASK REQUIRED IN THIS AREA and on the other side stating, MASKS REQUIRED BEYOND THIS POINT. He says, “With one quick turn, the public is informed as to what is required of them in regard to mask usage. I think signage like this is here to stay, so adding a few to your business is a necessity at this point.” Add one to your business today! Use Simply item number #SDB39 Aluminum Sign Base and cut to size.

We hope these ideas stir your creative juices and you can come up with fresh new alternatives of your own using the Simply line!

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