The Art of Monogramming

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If you’ve been managing and designing for your own business, chances are you have been asked to add a monogram to an order before. If you’re new to personalization, creating unique monogram designs might seem a bit daunting.

If you're familiar with the art of monogramming, you know there are multiple different ways to add personalization to an object. With the holidays quickly upon us, we've created a quick guide with everything you need to know about monograms:

What’s a monogram?

A monogram is design of one or more letters that represent an individual's or couple's initials. These letters can be interlaced in a traditional monogram, read straight across in the natural sequence of a full name, or each represent an initial from one or more people. Adding a monogram is the perfect personalization mark to make something extra special, unique and thoughtful.

Monograms and can be added to a wide range of products to add a personalized touch. Monograms are quintessential for customization with their combination of style and art, and can fit any taste and design aesthetic. The key advantage to a good monogram is that it can add individualization to an item with limited space. Monograms can be as compact or large as the item can accept and the customer wants.

How do monograms add value? 

Personalized items can sell for anywhere from 30% to 80% more than their non-personalized counterparts, and a monogram is uniquely personal to an individual. And based on the design you use and the item your personalizing, monograms can be fun or formal, fancy or contemporary. And since a monogram typically contains only three characters, you’re getting a lot of financial return on your customization.

What kinds of monograms are there out there? 

There are several different monogram combinations, but the Monogram Customization Guide is a great place to help you get started. Monograms traditionally carry the look of a calligraphy style, but they can be made from block, serif, or sans serif fonts as well. There are thousands of fonts available, both free and paid versions, that are bound to fit any style your customers want.

Examples of Popular Items for Monograms

Children and adults both love seeing their initials monogrammed on a special gift. Adding a monogram to a simple gift is the perfect way to celebrate or recognize special moments and achievements to make gifts truly personal. For the younger kids, consider a monogram on a backpack or tote that they can use for school or to take to grandma’s house. For students and adults, consider a tumbler that that they can use while walking around campus or going to the office. The most cherished gifts are the those that become family heirlooms. Monogrammed items are great for celebrating, engagements, weddings and anniversaries and can be passed down from generation to generation.

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Items such as a photo frame or home décor item with a wedding date and monogram are sure to be a hit with your customers. And don’t forget that monogrammed items are highly sought-after wedding party gifts. From flasks to wine tumblers, monogrammed items for groomsmen and bridesmaids add a personalized touch for commemorating that special day. Adding a monogrammed ornament to the tree is a great way for you and your customers to recognize a special loved one during the holidays. Consider adding a monogram to an ornament that accepts a photo insert While monograms are great for personalization, no one wants to give or receive a gift with an incorrect monogram. Our guide below to help you create a monogram for those special circumstances including hyphenated names.

Adding monogrammed items to your product offering can add to your bottom line in a quick, easy fashion. Your customers will love the unique monogram looks and designs you can offer, and you’ll love the repeat business as customers come back to you year after year for their next personalized gift.

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