The Advantages of new CerMark Ultra

Variety of CerMark ULTRA products next to two different customizable items

When it comes to laser engraving and marking, you have a few options as to what material you’re going to customize. You can choose materials specifically made for laser marking, such as engravable sheet materials from manufacturers like Rowmark and IPI. You can etch some clear materials such as acrylics and glass. Or you can use a secondary process to create contrasting marks on items such as metal, stone, glass, etc.

CerMark Products

For years, the go-to marking product has been CerMark, particularly CerMark LMM6000 metal marking spray. That particular CerMark product is relatively easy to work with and does a great job creating a contrasting mark with a laser on most metal surfaces. However, the drawback to traditional CerMark is that there were different formulations for each type of substrate. CerMark LMM6000 works great on metal surfaces, but if you wanted to mark on tile or glass you’d need to purchase CerMark LMC6044. Additionally, traditional CerMark wasn’t meant to be used with porous surfaces such as brick and stone leaving laser engravers to search out other methods for marking these types of items.

Enter CerMark Ultra

With those inherent drawbacks in mind, the makers of CerMark have released a new CerMark product, CerMark Ultra. CerMark Ultra is a universal laser marking spray or paste that works on a wide range of surfaces, including metal, glass, tile, brick, stone, ceramic and more. This one product can replace multiple laser marking products in an engravers shop, saving money and reducing clutter in the process.

In addition to being able to mark on multiple types of substrates, CerMark Ultra also has a number of other improvements over previous CerMark products. The spray can versions of CerMark Ultra includes an improved valve system that reduces clogs in the spray nozzle. This allows for better, more even product distribution when spraying and eliminates the need to store the cans upside down as was the case with previous versions.

The new formulation also eliminates the hard-setting or clumping that occurred with previous CerMark products. This makes for easier mixing in both the spray can or when manually mixing the paste version.

Unlike traditional CerMark, the new CerMark Ultra can be fabricated with lasers set a near full-speed, drastically improving fabrication time. In addition, the finished marks created by CerMark Ultra are scratch and weather resistant, making it an ideal choice for some outdoor and high-traffic application.

Infograph comparing LMC6044, LMM6000 and UltraInfograph comparing LMC6044, LMM6000 and Ultra
One Product, Multiple Applications

For the laser engraver, it’s pretty clear that CerMark Ultra offers some very tangible benefits over traditional CerMark products. Both offer the same high-contrast mark when laser engraved, with CerMark Ultra offering the added benefit of being able to be used on multiple types of materials. CerMark Ultra lasers faster and provides a more consistent coating over previous versions, and is sure to make any laser marking job easier on engravers.

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