Q and A with Jena Stearns

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George Privateer
gprivateer@jpplus.com 567.525.5729
Join us for this unique opportunity to talk with a business owner who’s grown her personalization business from just a single sublimation printer and heat press to a wide range of technologies, including heat transfer and vinyl. You’ll hear about her journey and how she’s made a full-time business out of personalization. Jenna will show you some of the products she offers to her customers, the equipment she’s using, and she’ll take your questions live about how her business has evolved. This is your chance to learn about growing your business and to share about your own experiences in personalization with someone who’s “walked in your shoes.” Webinar attendees will be entered into a drawing for a Jena Stearns Prize Pack, featuring some of Jena’s favorite JPPlus products!