Print Faster, Save Money: Meet the IColor 800W Toner Heat Transfer Printer

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Meet the new standard for medium to high-volume digital production of apparel and hard surface products: the IColor 800W! Featuring the whitest whites, brilliant colors, and the lowest cost of ownership in the industry, the IColor 800W delivers lightning-fast print speeds up to 45 pages per minute and the lowest cost of white toner printing to maximize your personalization output. Join Steve and his special guest, UniNet’s Joe Dovi, as they show you everything this printer can do, including printing white for heat transfer applications and delivering up to 20% better color range than competing printer models. They’ll take your questions live and show you how you can make money and impress your customers with the do-everything iColor 800W printer. Webinar attendees will receive a FREE copy of the White Toner Beginners Notebook, a $39.00 value, as an early holiday gift courtesy of UniNet!