Oh Baby! Your Guide to the Perfect Personalized Baby Gifts

Gifts for Baby

The personalized baby gifts and accessories market is a thriving segment of the gift industry, focusing on creating unique products for babies and newborns. This includes not just gifts but also essential personalized baby accessories, such as blankets, clothing, toys, keepsakes, and more. As the demand for customized items grows, venturing into the personalized baby toys and keepsakes market can significantly benefit your business.

Why you should start offering personalized baby gifts

Offering personalized baby gifts is not just a business opportunity; it's a way to create memorable experiences for events like baby showers, religious milestones, and birthdays. The market for personalized baby clothing and keepsakes is expanding rapidly, making it an ideal time to diversify your offerings with these special, custom-made items.

Personalized gifts also yield higher profit margins than their non-personalized counterparts. When gifts are personalized for a customer, they usually command a higher overall retail price. This means that you could potentially markup a personalized product by 40% or more just because it’s unique and was created specifically for one person.

By offering personalized baby gifts, you also hold a unique selling proposition and can differentiate yourself from other gift shops and online marketplaces that sell generic gifts. Personalization allows you to offer a product that cannot be easily replicated.

Baby gift ideas for sublimation

Sublimation is a popular printing method that allows for high-quality, full-color designs to be transferred onto various polyester-coated or polyester-blended products. Here are some ideas for personalized sublimation baby gifts that your customers might love:

1. Blankets: A soft, cozy blanket with a custom design is a classic baby gifts that will always be appreciated.

2. Bibs: Customer bibs with a fun design or a cute message can make mealtime more enjoyable for both baby and parent.

3. One-pieces: One-pieces are a staple item in a baby’s wardrobe, and a custom sublimated design can make them even more special.

4. Burp cloths: Personalized burp cloths not only make for a useful gift, but also a creative way to show off a new baby’s name or birth details.

5. Photo frames: A sublimated photo frame with a custom design or message can be a great way to showcase a special moment or memory.

6. Keepsake boxes: A small, decorated box with a custom design can be used to store special items or keepsakes related to the baby.

7. Pillows: A custom sublimated pillow can be a fun and functional addition to a baby’s nursery.

Microfleece Baby Blanket KP1703Microfleece Baby Blanket KP1703

Item #KP1703: Microfleece Baby Blanket

Vapor Baby White One-PieceVapor Baby White One-Piece

Item #SUBS170W3M: Vapor Baby One-Piece

SHPB710DNW Photo Block Frame Dark Natural WoodSHPB710DNW Photo Block Frame Dark Natural Wood

Item #SHPB710DNW: Photo Block Frame Dark Natural Wood

Baby gift ideas for engraving

Laser and rotary engraving are another popular personalization technology. Engraving gives a sleek and classic look to personalized products that is sure to last for years. Here are some possible engraving products to sell as personalized baby gifts.

1. Photo frame: A photo frame is a great way to display a favorite picture of the baby being celebrated. It can be engraved with the baby’s name, birthdate, or a special message.

2. Baby milestone markers: Customers can mark important milestones with engraved markets, such as “first step”, “first word”, and “first birthday”.

3. Keepsake box: Show your customers they can store special items in a personalized keepsake box like a lock of hair, first tooth, or other small mementos.

4. Name sign: A personalized name sign is a perfect way for your customers to decorate their baby’s room.

5. Tote bag: Your customers can keep their baby items in a personalized tote bag that’s perfect for when they're on the go.

HD109FW Faux Wood Photo FrameHD109FW Faux Wood Photo Frame

Item #HD109FW: Faux Wood Photo Frame

HD162FW Faux Wood Block SignHD162FW Faux Wood Block Sign

Item #HD162FW: Faux Wood Block Sign

LSW18ALD Solid Wood Sheets Alder Baby Milestone Eleven MonthsLSW18ALD Solid Wood Sheets Alder Baby Milestone Eleven Months

Item #LSW18ALD: Solid Wood Sheet

Our Baby Products Gift Guide can help!

For more great ideas on what to personalize as baby gifts, head to our Baby Product Guide. This product guide categorizes all of our products on the site that would work as gifts for all things “baby.” All products can also be sorted by whichever technology you use for personalization, such as engraving, sublimation, toner heat transfer, and UV-LED printing. You’ll be able to find the products with the personalization technology that’s right for you!

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