Hands on with the Epson F6370 Sublimation Printer

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If you’re ready to ramp up your sublimation production, the Epson F6370 is the printer for you! Featuring a 44” wide print area, vibrant high-quality images, and lightning-quick print speeds of up to 680 feet per hour, the F6370 will have you cranking out beautiful sublimation projects faster than ever before. Join Steve as he gives you a hands-on overview of this sublimation workhorse as well as a live demo of the printer in action. He’ll show you what you can do with the F6370 and why so many sublimation professionals love what this printer brings to their workshops and businesses. Steve will break down how the F6370 can help save you time and money with your sublimation business and take questions live during the broadcast. If you’re serious about sublimation, then this is a webinar you won’t want to miss.