Grow your Personalization Business with Flux Lasers!

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Caitlin Tuohy
Caitlin Tuohy 1-800-869-7800

**We apologize for the audio quality on this recording.  For more information on our Flux Lasers, visit our YouTube channel**
Join Chris and Caitlin as they introduce you to the Flux hobby-sized lasers, now available through Johnson Plastics Plus. Chris and Caitlin will show you how easy it is to use the Flux lasers and add a hobby laser to your business.  You’ll see a live demo of the Flux engraving sheet material as well as engraving our new Simply Engraving Tumblers.  Chris and Caitlin will also take your questions live, and there will be a fun giveaway for webinar attendees!  Flux lasers are a great way to grow your business in ways you never thought possible!