Cutting Plastic with a Vinyl Cutter

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Caitlin Tuohy 1-800-869-7800

Join our expert webinar on maximizing your vinyl cutter's potential — beyond just vinyl, discover the versatility of plastic cutting. Whether you're a fan of Cricut, Silhouette, or any vinyl cutting machine, this session is tailored for enthusiasts ready to explore:

  • Cutting-edge techniques with plastic cutters for crafting unique stencils
  • Transforming simple sheets into intricate cake decorations and personalized gifts
  • Mastering the use of plastic cutting tools to revolutionize your home projects

Caitlin and Evan, our crafting maestros, will unveil a new range of Craft Plastic sheets, specially curated for your plastic cutting needs. This hands-on webinar will guide you through:

  • Step-by-step tutorials on using craft vinyl cutters for innovative designs
  • Live demonstrations on the ease of cutting plastic with precision tools
  • Exclusive insights into plastic cutting machines, enhancing your crafting repertoire

Plus, we're excited to offer Craft Plastics sample packs to select attendees! Seize this opportunity to enrich your crafting journey with advanced plastic cutting techniques. Reserve your spot and embark on a creative adventure that transcends traditional vinyl cutting.

If mastering the art of plastic cutting with your hobby cutter excites you, join us for an inspiring session!

What materials can be cut on a vinyl cutter?

The name of the cutter might say "vinyl", most of these devices can cut other materials too. Some options include: vinyl, paint masks, reflective vinyl, plastics, twill, and many more. Check the specifications of your specific vinyl cutter for all the details on what materials and thicknesses are compatible with your vinyl cutter.