Are you a "Maker?" Yes, you are!


"Makers." It’s a term we’ve heard a LOT in recent years. From the customer requests we receive for customizable gift options to the explosion of Etsy and eBay stores, the “maker” space is expanding at a very rapid rate. There are magazines and tradeshows dedicated to “makers” and a dedicated Maker Faires that cater to this new market of creatives that “make” for fun or profit.

But here’s a question: Do you think of yourself as a “maker?”

See, at JPPlus, we’ve been serving “makers” for forty years.

You may see yourself as a sign fabricator, or an awards professional, or an engraver or a printer, but in fact, you’re also a “maker.” Let’s look at this quote from Adam Savage, host of Mythbusters and a “maker” advocate: “Humans do two things that make us unique from any other animals…we use tools, and we tell stories. And when you make something, you’re doing both at once.


Whether you’ve actually thought about it in those terms or not, you ARE a “maker.” Your tools are what you use to create products for your customers. Whether you laser, engrave, print, sublimate, cut….you’re using a tool to make something.

That’s why people come to you.

You’re like a modern-day blacksmith with skills to use tools that others cannot.

But even beyond that, your work tells a story. For example, have you created a photo panel collage for a special birthday or event? You’re telling the story of a life lived and those who care about that person. Engraving stemware for a wedding? The toast that’s made with those glasses is the start of a story. Even when you’re creating a sign, it has a story…maybe it’s a business that’s just starting, or growing, or moving to a new location.

Tools. Story. Making.

Yes, you’re a “maker.” You’ve probably been a “maker” long before the term became popular.


Maybe it’s time to think like a “maker.”

Have you considered starting your own Etsy store? It’s the place where “makers” show and sell, but it could easily be the place where you sell, too. It’s easy to set up a store and could be a great supplement to what you’re already doing with your business.

We’ve got a great line of products that you can personalize and really set yourself apart on Etsy or your own website. JPPlus even has products that other “makers” haven’t discovered yet, like ColorShop Woods and the Saddle Collection. It’s an opportunity for you, the original “makers,” to grow your business into a new space that is ready to discover your talents.

You’ve got the tools. You can tell the story.

Go make things.

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