Rowmark Plastic Sheet Stock for Engraving

Materials Engineered for Laser, Rotary
& UV-LED Print Applications


Why choose engraving plastic sheets from Rowmark

Rowmark engravable plastic sheets provide the best quality for laser and rotary engraving, as well as UV-LED print applications. Engineered with precision, Rowmark materials ensure a superior engraving and printing experience. Their plastic sheets are specially formulated to yield crisp, clean, and vibrant engravings, with materials available for both laser and rotary engraving techniques. The consistency in color, thickness, and finish across Rowmark's product range guarantees reliable results with every use. When it comes to UV-LED printing, there are numerous Rowmark engraving plastics that stand out for their exceptional ink adhesion and UV-receptive surfaces, enabling sharp, high-resolution prints that last.

Applications for Rowmark engraving plastics include interior signage, plaques, industrial labels, name badges, safety signage, trophies, and much more. Their array of colors and styles, you are empowered to choose the perfect material for your project. Whether you prefer the sleek look of high gloss, the subtle elegance of matte non-glare, or the textured appeal of brushed styles, Rowmark has an option tailored to your aesthetic and functional needs. The quality and durability of Rowmark products ensure that whether you're creating intricate name badges or durable safety signage, the outcome will be both visually appealing and built to last. The adaptability of Rowmark plastics caters to both creative and industrial applications, reflecting a blend of aesthetic appeal and practical functionality, making them a preferred choice for professionals aiming for impeccable results in engraving and UV-LED printing applications.

Types of Manufacturing and Finishing Techniques for LaserMax® Engraving Plastic

  • Bevels: The plastic can have its edges cut at an angle for aesthetic or functional purposes.
  • Bonds: It can be successfully glued or bonded to other materials.
  • Drills: The material is durable enough to be drilled into without cracking.
  • Heat bendable: The plastic can be bent into different shapes when heated.
  • Hot stamps: It can be stamped with a heated die for branding or decoration.
  • Laser vector cuts: The material can be precisely cut into intricate shapes using a laser cutter.
  • Permits fine detail engraving: It is suitable for engraving detailed designs onto its surface.
  • Saws: It can be cut with saws without damage.
  • Scores: The surface can be scored, or scratched, to create a line for folding or breaking.
  • Screen prints: Images or designs can be transferred onto it using screen printing techniques.
  • Shears: The plastic can be cut with shears or a similar tool.
  • Silk screens: It can undergo silk screening, a printing technique that allows the passage of ink through a stenciled mesh to create a printed design.
  • UV stable: The material won't degrade or discolor quickly under ultraviolet light.
  • UV-printable: It can be printed on with UV-curing inks which dry or cure instantly under UV light.