Why am I getting "blown out" portions of my image during the transfer?

One of the most common cause of "blow outs" (spots where the ink did not absorb into the substrate) is moisture. During the pressing process, moisture can form into tiny steam pockets that "blow out" the ink from the substrate...hence the term.

Typically, a small amount of moisture can be absorbed into the substrate without issue. However, harder substrates, such as aluminum and ceramic, can't absorb that moisture.

The good news is there are a few steps you can take to remove as much moisture as possible!

- Make sure your paper is dry. If it's been in a sealed container (such as a zip-top bag) that may have been exposed to humidity or moisture, set the paper on your press for a few seconds BUT DON'T PRESS IT. Just expose it to the heat to help remove moisture.

- Use butcher paper or blow out paper instead of a teflon sheet when pressing. The paper may absorb some of the moisture, while the teflon sheet will not. Be sure to use new butcher paper or blow out paper after each transfer.

- Fabrics and garments may also have some moisture trapped in them. Pre-pressing the garment for about 10 seconds will remove any residual moisture as well as give you a nice, crease-free item for the transfer.

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