White Toner Transfer

A Dream Come True

It has been 25 years since the first laser copier was launched and almost that long since people started to use laser copiers and printers as a digital transfer manufacturing tool for garments.

Printing and pressing a full-color image or photograph onto a t-shirt using laser printed heat transfers is a simple and inexpensive way for businesses like printers/copiers, t-shirt shops, screen printers and others to decorate all types of garments and promotional items.

Unfortunately, this simple and inexpensive way was, until now, only limited to white or light colored garments. Printing on dark garments has always been a challenge. Even products with excellent washability and color, such as FOREVER’s “Laser-Dark”, have satisfied customer needs with the ability to print photographic images.

The application of letters, numbers, and logos have needed an additional cutting and weeding process. As a result, people have always dreamed of transfer printing on dark garments in an easier way.

White Toner Made it Possible

The revolutionary White toner printers from OKI remove the last barrier in creativity and design.

The new transfer media from FOREVER for white toner technology makes transfer printing on dark garments as easy as on white garments.

Characteristics of White Toner Transfer;

  • Images are Soft to the touch
  • Colors are bright
  • T-shirts can be washed over 15 – 20 times without seeing any significant degrade of the transfer.

The color black is achieved through a blend of the other three colors (CMY) and white toner covers the complete image except for black printed areas. The printer software automatically places more white toner on light colors and less white toner on dark colors, performing the desired, optimal color reproduction.

Learn more at https://www.whitetonertransfer.com/