What is the difference between inkjet papers and laser papers?

In the world of heat transfer printing, inkjet printers and paper offer a wider range of colors and slightly more detail than laser printers and paper. Inkjet printers have a smaller footprint and might work better in smaller areas. However, inkjet printers and paper tend to cost more over the long term, and inkjet printers have the potential to bleed when printing or pressing. It's important to do test prints with inkjet printers and papers to find the right combination for your substrate.

Laser printers and paper are more cost efficient in the long term and print much faster than inkjet printers. Since laser printers are toner based, there is no need to worry about bleed during the printing and pressing process. Laser printers and paper also give customers the ability to print with white toner. With heat transfer, it's important to find a proper laser paper to go with your laser printer. Mismatched printers and paper can yield uneven results. Toner-based laser printers also tend to have a larger footprint.

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