What is CerMark?

CerMark is made up of inert materials, such as, finely pulverized glass and metal particles. It does not contain any heavy metals and it is cadmium-free. This simply means that it is safe to wash down the sink in the cleaning process, contact with skin will not be harmful and special ventilation is not necessary.

CerMark is bonded to the metal under intense heat of the laser as described in Lesson 1. Here is an image under extreme magnification as the laser is penetrating the liquid. During this process the CerMark is fused with the metal substrate. Advances in material development now offer the ability to bond on glass or ceramic tile of any type or surface.

What Is Cer Mark Cross View

Why Use CerMark?

There are a few other products out on the market that will metal mark. So why use CerMark? The answer is simple. CerMark provides the best product visually and the longest lasting. The metal marked area comes out with crisp, black finish. It has also been tested for durability through scratch testing, chemical testing and heat/cold cycling.

CerMark Products

CerMark is made for both Metal Marking and Tile & Glass Marking. CerMark Metal Marking is available in a spray, solution and tape. CerMark Tile & Glass Solution is available in both a spray and solution.

Cer Mark Products for metal marking and tile and glass marking

CerMark's Metal Marking Solutions are concentrated and will need to be diluted. The suggested dilution depends on how the solution will be applied.

  • If using a fine mist spray gun, the recommended dilution is 2:1 (2 parts alcohol, 1 part CerMark).
  • When using the brush on method, the recommended dilution ratio is 1:1 (1 part alcohol, 1 part CerMark).

The CerMark Spray is ready to apply (after it has been shaken thoroughly), no dilution is needed. The CerMark tape is used for exact placement, simply engrave through the tape.

The CerMark Tile & Glass Marking solution is similar to the CerMark Metal Marking Spray where it is ready to use right from the spray can, but again MUST be shaken thoroughly. The CerMark Tile & Glass Solution must be poured into a spraying device. Unfortunately, the CerMark Tile & Glass Solution is not able to be brushed on.

How permanent is CerMark?

If the product is used correctly, the mark is permanent and cannot be removed unless you grind the metal until the mark is gone.

How long does it take CerMark to dry?

Without assistance, air drying typically takes several minutes. If using a fan, heat gun, or hair dryer, this can accelerate the process.