Paper Mask

Benefits and Uses for a Paper Mask

The Paper Mask masking material is probably the easiest and quickest of the masking materials to work with. It can be used for vector cutting, raster engraving and color fill protection. The (LASGLASS) Paper Mask 6"x100yd roll and the (SUS016) Paper Mask 12"x100yd roll can be easily applied to almost any material.

Paper Mask

Using the Paper Mask for Vector Cutting

Applying the Paper Mask before vector cutting your material will help reduce smoke residue, material building up and in some cases act as a diffuser when cutting some delicate materials.

In the example below, by applying the Paper Mask to a sheet of leather is protecting the leather hide from both any flare ups and smoke residue. Cleaning off this smoke residue from a natural product like leather cow hide or raw unfinished woods could possibly leave the material discolored. The Paper Mask prevents this.

20160728 092655

Paper Mask has protected the leather hide from flare up and smoke residue

Leather Plaque

Clean cut leather thanks to the Paper Mask