Materials: Reverse-Engrave Materials

Another option that is increasing in popularity is materials that may be engraved in reverse. This sheet stock may be purchased in several thicknesses and colors. This material is generally clear when viewed from the front with a thin back layer of color. Many computerized engraving software programs will allow for the job or layout to be reversed so that the engraving may be done from right to left. The plate is actually placed on the engraving table face down with the colored surface up during engraving. When completed, the engraved area appears transparent. When the material is held up to a light, you can see through the plate.

This material opens up the possibilities of back-lighting the clear area, paint-filling the engraved area to specific PMS colors, or simply placing a solid color behind the plate to create a contrast between the plate color and the engraving. In any case, this allows for some dynamic looking signs, plaques or name badges. Be sure to follow manufacturers' recommendations on paints as some types of paint may break down or bleed into the plastic colors.