Forever Transfer RIP Software FAQ


How do I use the Demo version?

Install the downloaded.exe file and follow the instructions. After running Transfer RIP the first time, the "Register" window will appear. Close that window. Import the profiles in the first step. Now you can load your files in step 2.

Why do I have lines and grids over my image?

If you did not purchase the full version of Transfer RIP, it works automatically in demo mode. That means that all your loaded designs will be branded with a watermark. You can use all features. Just the print-out cannot be used because of the safety grid.

How can I remove these lines and grids?

You cannot remove them but you can avoid them. Buy a full version of the software to get the dongle which is transforming the demo into a full version. All jobs loaded from now on will be without the watermark. All jobs which were loaded before, have to be load again. For testing the software as full version, we offer the 14-days trial version.

What do I have to do to use the 14 days full trial version?

After installing and starting Transfer RIP the “Register” window will appear. You can also open it manually by clicking on the “Register” button. Here you can see the GMID number. Copy this number and send it over to your dealer or FOREVER. For copying the code use the “copy” button on the right side of the code. Please do not create a screenshot. After sending the GMID you will receive a code. Copy and paste this code in the second line (UpdatePlan Code). If you have pasted the code correctly, a date will appear in the third line. Now you can use the Transfer RIP in full version mode.

How long does it take until I get my demo code?

Usually within one working day. In some cases it can last up to 72 hours. Please note our working hours and the time shift. Our working hours are: Monday - Friday 9 AM - 5 PM CET.

When does the 14 days period starts?

The code starts working from the day you have received it. It is not activated after the first use.

I didn't have time to test the demo version. Can you send me a new code?

Unfortunately we do not offer this option. Please ask for the code if you are sure to have time for testing it.

Which part of the UpdatePlan Code do I have to paste?

The code starts and ends always with #. The #’s are part of the code.

What is the GMID number?

This number will be generated automatically. Every laptop or PC has its own individual GMID number. This number only changes after a bigger WINDOWS update or after updating the Transfer RIP.

What is the difference between the demo version and the full version?

The installation file and the profiles are the same. The difference is the dongle. This special thumb drive has to be inserted in the computer before starting Transfer RIP. The dongle gives a signal to the RIP that you are using the full version.

If I have installed the demo version of the RIP, do I have to install the full version again after purchasing it?

No. You can use the version you have installed already as a demo. Just make sure that you first check for updates to use the latest version.

What is the UpdatePlan Code?

This code is a registry code. Without this code you are not able to use the RIP in full mode. If the code is correct you will see a date appearing in the third line of the update screen. The date must be valid for 6 months or longer. If not, contact your dealer. The date shows the last day when you are able to download an available update.

My UpdatePlan Code has expired. Do I have to buy a new one to continue working with the RIP?

Of course not. The UpdatePlan Code is only limiting the time how long you are able to download released updates. After its expiration you are not able to download and install updates anymore.

Where I can see that an update is available?

Click on "SUPPORT - UPDATES". Here you can log in and search for new updates.

My UpdatePlan Code has expired but I want to install the latest version of the RIP.

Contact your dealer with your dongle ID. He will make you an offer for a new code. New UpdatePlan Codes are always valid for 12 months.

My Transfer RIP is working in demo mode although my dongle is plugged in.

Make sure that you first insert the dongle and then start the Transfer RIP. Check if the green light of the dongle is on. Try different USB ports. If possible, try it on another PC or Laptop.

Can I use Transfer RIP on multiple working places?

Yes, but not at the same time. Only the working place with the dongle can be used in full version.

Can I use the RIP on my MAC?

No. Only by using Windows with Parallels, Bootcamp etc.

Do you plan to publish a MAC OS version?


Can I use the Transfer RIP also with other printers?

Transfer RIP was made especially for OKI White Toner Printers. Also the color profiles are made for these printers. That is the reason why we do not recommend to use it with other printers. If you still want to use it with other printers, you can use it with printers which are communicating with PCL5.

Can I print on other branded transfer media with Transfer RIP?

Transfer RIP is a product of FOREVER and only suitable for FOREVER products.

Do you have a tutorial?

Yes. With every full version you receive a video tutorial disc. This video is also available on YouTube.

Should I leave the dongle inserted?

We recommend to leave the dongle always in the USB-port. This prevents loading files in demo mode accidentally.

I have lost my dongle.

Contact your dealer. Without the dongle your cannot use the RIP anymore. Your dealer can make you an offer for a replacement dongle.

I can only import WfwDevExch file types. Why no JPG, PDF etc.?

Your are still in step 1. Here you can only import the profiles. Files will be loaded in step 2.