Engravers Bible Summary and Conclusion

Over the past 150 pages or so you've been exposed to some of the more common aspects of engraving. No one book could ever teach you everything you would need to know to operate a successful engraving business or to become an engraving expert - not even this book. What I hope that you have gained is a little better understanding of the engravers world, the processes involved, and how to apply them to the work you may be doing or the work you plan to do in the future. If you have learned only one new detail that has made your work easier, more enjoyable, or more professional in appearance, then I have accomplished the goal I set out for myself when I started this project.

Engraving is a little bit art and a little bit of science. The art is the portion you put into each engraving job you do - it's a little bit of you. It's your talent, your eye for detail, your creative skill. The science is the part I preach - the tools, the techniques, the process. I'm not a full-time engraver, I don't have the time. My days are filled with other projects and I can only spend a limited time offering a little guidance and advice. People ask me to share my experience with them. This book is just one of the many ways I can do that. I have experiences that are different than yours but I enjoy passing them along. I also have an opinion. Everyone who has done this for more than a few hours has an opinion. I'm glad that I could share mine with you.

Engraving is fun, but that's probably not the reason you purchased this book. Maybe you needed some answers, some confidence, or some fresh ideas. Maybe you needed a great bedtime story and you thought engraving was a little bit like counting sheep. I hope not.

Engraving is what I do. It challenges me. It is always changing and there is something new to learn each and every day. I hope it challenges you too, and that you have learned something new as well.

I love this business. After all, I am the MASKED ENGRAVER.

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