Ramp Up Drinkware Production with Your JP700 or Cricut Mug Press

Mug Press & JPP Drinkware

Adding a new piece of equipment to your business can seem like a daunting task. You’ll ask yourself if it’s worth the investment and is it hard to use. But adding the right equipment can mean an easy expansion to your existing product offering and additional dollars to your bottom line.

When it comes to personalizing with sublimation, drinkware is king. From mugs to tumblers and wine glasses, it’s a fast, easy way to offer your customers a customized item that they’ll love. And a great way to maximize your sublimatable drinkware output is with a dedicated mug press.

If you’re looking to do small to mid-sized runs of custom drinkware, adding a mug press to your business makes a lot of sense. Most mug presses are economical, typically costing between $450 and $800, and take up just a small amount of counterspace. A mug press can turn out a single piece of drinkware faster than a traditional convection oven and shrink wrap, and most production mug presses come with additional attachments for unique items such as shot glasses and latte mugs.

Tested and Reliable

There are several mug presses on the market today that have been tested to work with a wide range of sublimation-ready drinkware. The JP700 Mug Press comes with seven included attachments, making it easy to press standard 11oz and 15oz mugs, tall and short tapered latte mugs, water bottles, and steins. The JP700 has digital temperature and time controls, which help you get consistent results time after time. It features a solid steel construction for extra durability and is a workhorse when it comes to drinkware production.

In addition to the JP700, the GeoKnight DK3 Mug Press is a great option for pressing drinkware. GeoKnight is one of the most trusted names in the heat press industry, and their mug press lives up to that reputation. With a fully digital timer and temperature controls as well as GeoKnight’s SuperCoil Microwinding technology, the DK3 will give you countless years of consistent, repeatable results.

New Kid on the Block

Recently, Cricut added to its lineup of home and hobby vinyl cutters and introduced a smaller format mug press that uses sublimation. The Cricut mug press is compatible with standard-sized sublimation-ready drinkware, including the 11oz. and 15oz. Economy and Rhinocoat mugs available from Johnson Plastics Plus. This mug press features a “one touch and go” press feature, but lacks the versatility to be able to press other items such as tapered latte mugs, shot glasses, stemless wine glasses, or longer water bottle-style drinkware.

white mug customized with coffee o'clockwhite mug customized with coffee o'clock

Item #XP8435: White 11oz Economy Mug

We’re Here to Help

Whether you’re choosing a heavier-duty production style press or a new, smaller “hobby” press, Johnson Plastics Plus has the tools to help you be successful. On the product pages for our sublimation-ready drinkware you’ll find design templates and suggested time, temperature, and pressure settings to help you get up and running. You’ll also find webinars and videos to help answer any questions, and our Advanced Support Team can assist with troubleshooting equipment purchased from Johnson Plastics Plus.

screenshot of a product page pointing out the downloads section and items availablescreenshot of a product page pointing out the downloads section and items available

When you're ready to start customizing drinkware for your customers, check out the hundreds of sublimation-friendly drinkware options available on our website. Each item has been tested to work with sublimation by our team of experts, so you can be confident you and your customers will love the results.

Helpful Downloads!

Download our Hobby Press Compatible Drinkware Chart below to see which products you can buy and use with your hobby press!

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