Preparing for the New Classroom Experience: Face Masks

Back-to-school lists for students will undoubtedly look different this fall. Hand sanitizer will be as common in school backpacks as pencils and paper. And face masks will be standard equipment for many students across the country.

The Center for Disease Control continues to advocate for the wearing of face masks in public settings for anyone two-years of age or older as a primary way to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The American Association of Pediatrics says that students, particularly those in grades K-5, benefit significantly from in-school education. The personal interaction with a teacher and other students is vital to their development and growth. The question becomes how to do that safely for both students and staff.

JPP Best Sub Mask on College Student

Face masks will be a common site in classrooms this fall.

As of July 10, 2020, 21 states and the District of Columbia currently require face coverings for people in public spaces, including schools. States where face coverings are not yet mandated may still require them in schools and educational settings.

Students across the world have been returning to school with the use of face masks and face shields. From Germany to Singapore, in-person education is continuing with face masks as part of the new, safe classroom environment.

California State Education Superintendent Tony Thurmond announced that the nearly 6 million students in the state would be required to wear face masks while waiting to enter school buildings, while on school grounds except while eating, and when leaving school grounds and on busses. Staff will be required to wear face coverings that show expression, such as face shields.

All told, superintendent Thurmond estimates that California will need 14 million fabric face masks for the year, not including additional face shields for teachers and staff.

JPP Student with mask

Sublimatable face masks can help students keep track of their masks and add a personalized touch.

A study by Florida Atlantic University showed that multi-layered cloth face coverings offer the best protection against the spread of airborne particles.

Customized face masks are a great way to make sure students are wearing the mask assigned to them. A face mask with a custom full-color design allows for individual personalization, from names to school mascots to fun patterns for younger students. Students and staff can show their school pride and team spirit and stay safe.

Having a mask that a student wants to wear and shows off their personality can help make the adjustment to wearing a face mask easier and keep our students safe.

Johnson Plastics Plus has a wide selection of face masks in a variety of sizes that can be easily customized. These masks are durable and machine washable, and select masks come with adjustable ear straps for smaller faces. You can find our complete selection of masks here.

The Johnson Plastics Plus team can add full-color personalization to your face masks. Or we can help you add a full color, sublimation, or heat transfer printer equipment to your education facility so you can produce face masks at your school system. Request more information here.

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