Fabrication - Hotstamping


The finished quality of your custom hot-stamped or screen printed logo is dependent on the quality of the artwork that is supplied to us. Black and white,camera-ready artwork or vector image,either 100% to size or slightly larger than the finished logo size will provide the finest quality imprinted badge at the most reasonable cost. Johnson Plastics Plus reserves the right to decline a custom job, or revise its pricing schedule for custom badges, based on the quality of the artwork that has been supplied to us. If camera-ready artwork is not readily available to you, we can provide this service to you at an additional cost and with additional time required to complete your order.

Set-up Charges

Since each order for custom badges must be individually “set up” before running to assure proper location and spacing of each imprint, a set-up charge is applied to every order. Set-up charges for unusual designs or extremely large quantities are done by quotation only.

Imprint Color Selection

Johnson Plastics Plus inventories a wide variety of standard colored hot-stamping foils. When requesting a specific color foil to be used, please include an actual sample of the color, or indicate a Pantone® Matching System (PMS) number to which we can refer. Since not all colors can be matched exactly, we will match a color as closely as possible, always with your approval.

Special Shaped Badges

Custom badges in non-standard shapes, state shapes and some irregular sizes are available from Johnson Plastics Plus. Special shaped badges, according to your specifications, are priced by quotation only and may require a minimum purchase amount.


An actual sample of your finished badge can be provided prior to producing your entire order. The cost of sampleimprinted badges is the same as the set-up charges for your specific style of badge.


Once we have received your black and white, camera-ready artwork, please allow 5 to 7 working days for shipment of most orders. Time of shipment may be affected by use of non-stock materials or foils, or current work in process.

PMS numbers listed are for reference only. Colors my not match properly when viewed on your monitor due to hardware and image quality. Metallics are available in Copper, Silver, Matte Gold, Bright Gold, Red, Blue, and Green.


Yellow Yellow Yellow Gold Orange Brown Orange Orange-Red Maroon Red Neon
PMS 108c PMS 116c PMS 123c PMS 130c PMS 165c PMS 1685c PMS 172c PMS 179c PMS 1807c PMS 200c PMS 213c
Purple Purple Blue Blue Blue Blue Green Green Green Green Green
PMS 259c PMS 273c PMS 286c PMS 2718c PMS 2728c PMS 2975c PMS 319c PMS 321c PMS 3258c PMS 3435c PMS 347c
Green Grey Grey Cream Brown Brown Beige Pink Blue Process Blue Black
PMS 368c PMS 429c PMS 431c PMS 468c PMS 469c PMS 476c PMS 482c PMS 494c PMS 653c
White Top Coat

Pricing for Standard Square Cornered 1" x 3" x 1/16" Badge

Number of Dies refers to the number of colors being hot stamped.

Quantity1 Die2 Dies3 Dies
25 $2.00 $2.40 $2.60
50 $1.60 $1.92 $2.21
100 $1.40 $1.68 $1.85
250 $1.00 $1.30 $1.70
500 .90 $1.20 $1.55
1000 .80 $1.10 $1.40

Set-up Charge

Based on 100% camera-ready artwork supplied by customer

Initial Order $52.00 $102.00 $152.00
Repeat Order $20.00 $30.00 $40.00

Additional charges for Hot Stamping:

  • Badge sizes from 3 to 6 square inches add $.10 to a piece price.
  • Badge sizes from 6 to 12 square inches add $.25 to piece price.
  • Over the pocket badges up to 16 square inches add $.50 to piece price
  • Call for quotes on special shapes and thicknesses.

Additional Charges For Hot Stamp Badge Findings

If pins, clips or other fasteners are required, add the prices below to the individual badges prices:

  • Solvent welded safety pin F20 - .35 ea
  • Solvent welded bull dog clip, swivel bulldog clip - .30 ea
  • Solvent welded safety pin J20, double post bar w/clutch, clear plastic pocket clip J18 - .45 ea
  • Solvent welded bulldog clip, swivel bulldog clip - .40 ea
  • Heat fused safety pin (3/32" material only) - .50 ea
  • Heat fused double post bar with clutch (3/32" material only) - .60 ea

Call Johnson Plastics Plus to place an order for Hot Stamped Badges 800-869-7800