The only laser markable metal certified for outdoor usage that does not require a chemical pre-treatment or protective topcoat.

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Durablack Features


In side-by-side testing, DuraBlack outperforms laser markable black anodized aluminum and acrylic labels.

Meets The Toughest

DuraBlack is the only laser markable metal to meet military specifications A-A-50271 and MIL-STD-15024G, Type L.

Flexible Attachment

Available with 3M 350 high-performance adhesive, rivets or screws. Also available in pre-cut blanks so all you need to do is mark and apply.

Durablack is Resistant

Durablack outperforms black anodized aluminum
and laser markable acrylic tape against many forces, such as:

Sunlight/UV Degradation


High Temperatures

Salt Spray Corrosion

Chemical Exposure

Durablack is Tested

Tests were modeled after those established by the
U.S. Department of Defense.

5,000 Hours of accelerated UV/weather

4,000 Cycles of abrasion testing

700 exposure for one hour

96 Hours in many MIL-STD-810G fluids

Multiple Sizes Available


20" x 24"

12" x 20"

10" x 12"


0.020" Rigid Sheets

0.005" Foil Sheets

Applications For Durablack Aluminum

The combination of durability, flexible attachment options and ease of processing makes DuraBlack the preferred material for on-demand marking for harsh operating environments.

Outdoor Signage

Asset/Property Tags

Barcode Labels

Industrial Nameplates