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Drinkware for the Cricut Mug Press

There are several types and styles of drinkware available that can be personalized with sublimation/infusable inks. Those include sublimatable ceramic and stainless-steel mugs, tumblers, glasses. Any sublimation/infusable ink ready drinkware with straight, non-tapered sides between 11oz. and 16oz. can be customized in a Cricut mug press.

Johnson Plastics Plus offers dozens of drinkware options that can be used with the Cricut Mug Press. Some of the most popular sublimation-ready mug options include the standard 11oz. Economy Ceramic Mug, the 15oz. Economy Ceramic Mug, the 11oz. Inner Color Mugs, the 15oz. Inner Color Mugs, and the 10oz. Stainless Steel Coffee Mug with lid. Other drinkware options that will work with the Cricut Mug Press include the 10oz. Stainless Steel Short Tumbler, the 12oz. Frosted Glass Mason Jar with Lid and Straw, and the 14oz. Stainless Steel Sports Bottle.

Supplies for your Cricut Mug Press

It’s important to remember that the terms sublimation inks and infusable-style inks are synonymous. If a particular drinkware item is listed as sublimatable on the Johnson Plastics Plus website, it can be decorated and pressed with the Cricut equipment system. Additionally, infusable-ink ready drinkware from Cricut can be used with a traditional sublimation mug press, such as the JP 450 Mug Press.

Infusable-style markers and transfer sheets will work with any sublimation-ready drinkware. Additionally, sublimation-friendly markers from Artesprix and sublimation paper from Johnson Plastics Plus, Jetcol, and TexPrint will give you outstanding transfer results on drinkware with your Cricut Mug Press.

Don’t forget about those special supplies needed when working with a mug press, such as heat-resistant tape, heat gloves, and sublimation/infusable-stye ink paper cut specifically for mugs and drinkware. Having the needed items on-hand and ready to go will save you time and money as you work on your personalization projects.

Options for all Cricut Equipment and Cutters

For customers who use the Cricut Maker, Cricut Explorer, or Cricut Joy cutters, Johnson Plastics Plus has thousands of items ready for you to personalize, including a complete lineup of drinkware for any occasion.

Using your Cricut cutter and vinyl allows you to personalize any of the drinkware items Johnson Plastics Plus offers. This includes drinkware that won’t fit in the Cricut Mug Press, such as 20oz. and 30oz. Skinny Tumblers, 32oz. And 64oz. Prowlers and Growlers, and items with a tapered edge like the Simply Tumblers line of products.

Drinkware Value for your Cricut Equipment

Whether you’re using infusable-style inks, pens, and paper, sublimation-ready printers and supplies from manufacturers like Sawgrass, Epson, and Johnson Plastics Plus, or applying vinyl cut from your Cricut Maker, Cricut Explorer, or Cricut Joy, you’ll find fantastic value on your customizable drinkware blanks from Johnson Plastics Plus.

If you’re looking for a single item for a special project or case quantities to have on-hand when you need them, Johnson Plastics Plus offers you the flexibility to get exactly what you want at a fantastic price. Orders placed on our website ship from one of four conveniently located warehouses across the United States.