What is the Raster® Braille system?

Your guide to Accent’s Braille System

Accent Signage Systems patented Raster Braille System is design to help you easily create ADA-Compliant signs for your customers. Our Raster Braille Pen is easy to use and ideal for creating occasional ADA-compliant signs, and our Auto-Raster Universal attachment works with most rotary engravers for hands-free, high-volume ADA sign output.

Braille sign being created


Auto-Raster Universal

Auto-Raster® Universal

This exciting device dispenses and inserts Raster® spheres automatically from your engraver. It’s easy to install, requires no special software to use, and fits most computerized routing/engraving machines and installs spheres five-times faster than manual processes.

Raster Braille Pen

Raster® Braille Pen

Our Raster® Braille pen is the most commonly used tool to insert raster spheres. Simply fill the barrel of the Raster® pen with Raster® spheres and you are ready to start. The spring-loaded tip holds one sphere at a time. As you press down, the plunger presses the Raster® sphere into the pre-drilled hole.



Kit includes:

  • 1 Raster® Pen insertion device
  • Framed Raster® License for using the patented Raster® Method
  • 10,000 Acrylic UV stable Raster® spheres (clear, white, or black)
  • Weeding tool
  • Sign cleaning brush
  • USB Drive with “How To Create Great-Looking Interior Signage” manual
  • USB Drive with ready-to-use sign layouts and more
  • Raster® Braille sign sample
  • Organizer case for kit contents