Tariff Price Increase

Johnson Plastics Plus takes pride in supporting US manufactured products, but like most companies, we also distribute products that are manufactured overseas.

By now, you have heard that the US government imposed a tariff up to 25% on products imported from China that went into effect on May 10, 2019.

The team at Johnson Plastics Plus has diligently reviewed our purchasing processes and minimized the impact these tariffs will have on our product offering. The tariff increase will affect around 400 items in the name badge accessory, sublimation, laserable gift, and promotional product categories. This increase will go into effect on July 1, 2019.

Johnson Plastics Plus remains committed to delivering outstanding products, superior quality, and exceptional service levels to our customers. We thank you for your continued business and hope that you understand the necessity for this increase. Should you have any questions, please contact the Johnson Plastics Plus team at 1-800-869-7800.

Detailed below is a full list of all the items affected by this change.

Item SKU Description
BF70B1 X 3 Black Badge Frame
BF70G1 X 3 Gold Badge Frame
BF70S1 X 3 Silver Badge Frame
BF71B1-1/2 X 3 Black Badge Frame
BF71G1-1/2 X 3 Gold Badge Frame
BF71S1-1/2 X 3 Silver Badge Frame
BF72B2 X 3 Black Badge Frame
BF72G2 X 3 Gold Badge Frame
BF72S2 X 3 Silver Badge Frame
BF76GOval Gold Badge Frame
BTM3320Wine Bottle Slate Table Mat
CA100Vertical Crystal Award (20/Cs)
CA110Horizontal Crystal Award (20/C
CA120Iceberg Crystal Award (16/Cs)
CB009Canvas Drawstring Bag
CB010Canvas Drawstring Bag
CB011Canvas Drawstring Bag
CB012Canvas Drawstring Bag
CB09KBlack Canvas Tote Bag
CBW10White Canvas Tote Bag
DBP03Drawstring Backpack
DC246Small Dog Collar
DC2566Large Dog Collar
DCH3S80Badgeholder Silver Cr80 .030
DWSA12Stemless Wine Glass Sample Kit
DWSA1616Oz Pint Glass Sample Kit
F11Clear Double Post Bar: W/ Clut
F11AClear Double Post Bar: Adhesiv
F12Clear Single Post: W/ Clutch
F22Swivel Clip W/Vinyl Strap
F25Swivel Bulldog Clip: Acetate
F26Swivel Bulldog Clip: Adhesive
F58AWhite Plastic Pinback 1-1/2"
FAB761.5" Plastic Safety Pin
FAB76B1 1/2" Plastic Safety Pin
FAB771 1/2" Plastic Safety Pin: Adh
FAB861.5" Low Profile Plastic Safet
FNB14Wiro Fabric Notebook
FNB15Heart Wiro Notebook
HHS50Heart Shaped Hanging Stone
HTM25Heart Slate Table Mat
IM13BSBImage Maker 1 X 3 Silver
IM13BYGBImage Maker 1 X 3 Gold
IM13LENSImage Maker 1 X 3 Clear Lens
IM13MBBImage Maker 1 X 3 Matte Black
IM15BSBB. Silver Badge Frame Blank
IM15BYGBBright Yellow Gold Frame Blank
IM15LENSImage Maker 1.5 X 2.75 Clear L
IM30LENS1.5 X 3.0 Lens For .020-.032
IM32BSBBright Silver Frame 2" X 3"
IM32BYGBBright Gold Frame 2" X 3"
IM32MBBMatte Black Frame 2" X 3"
IM45LENS1.5 X 3.0 Lens .062 Inserts
IM58BSBB. Silver Badge Frame Blank
IM58BYGBBright Yellow Gold Frame Blank
IM70BG13Image Maker 1 X 3 Bright Gold
IM70BS13Image Maker 1 X 3 Bright Silv
IM80BG153Image Maker 1.5 X 3 Bgt Gold
IM80BS153Image Maker 1.5 X 3 Bgt Silver
IMOBLINGBGRhinestone Oval Gold Frame
IMOBLINGBSRhinestone Oval Silver Frame
IMOBSBBright Silver Oval
IMOBYGBBright Yellow Gold Oval
IMOMBBMatte Black Oval
IP7101Black Iphone 7 Case
IP7102White Iphone 7 Case
IP710PBackplate-White Iphone 7 Case
IP7P101Black Iphone 7 Plus Case
IP7P102White Iphone 7 Plus Case
IP7P10PBackplate-White Iphone 7 Plus
J18Clear Plastic Pocket Clip
JP310Jp Digital Heat Press 16X20 In
JSP11NMounting Pins Each
JSP11NAMounting Pins Each With Adhesi
KCFBGKey Chain Bright Gold Disc Cl
KCFBSKey Chain Bright Silver
L0024BSs Black Thermal Tumbler
L0171CStainless Copper Mug 520Ml
LBWHK031Pen Holder Maple
LBWHK032Card Holder Maple
LBWHK034Rectangle Key Chain Maple
LBWHK035Rectangle Key Chain Rosewood
LBWHK036Round Key Chain Maple
LBWHK037Round Key Chain Rosewood
LBWHK038Single Pen Box Rosewood
LBWHK043Rollerball Pen Rosewood
LBWHK044Double Pen Box Maple
LBWHK049Pen Key Chain Rosewood
LBWHK111Maple Arched Card Holder
LBWHK116Maple Photo Album
LBWHK117Maple & Rosewood Photo Album
LBWHK168Maple & Walnut Photo Album
LBWTW005Memo/Pen Holder Rosewood
LBWTW016Ballpoint Pen Rosewood
LHT005Acrylic Light Base W/ Cable
LHT808Acrylic Light Base W/ Remote
LIN16Replacement Aluminum Insert
LKC7Pu Leather Keychain
LKC8Pu Leather Keychain
LLW10Leatherett Large Wallet
LNB16Leatherette Notebook
LPP3Leatherette Passport Holder
LSW9Leatherette Small Wallet
LT12Neoprene Lunch Tote
LWL11Leatherette Simplicity Wallet
MYLK40Metal Badge Reel
NOTE-A5A5 Fabric Notebook
NOTELG-09Fabric Notebook Large
PLK3Pet Leash W/ Aluminum Insert
PLK5Pet Leash W/ Aluminum Insert
PPI3Alum Passport Holder Insert
PRG4Rotating Phone Ring Holder
PRH3Oval Mobile Phone Ring Holder
PRK4Rotating Phone Ring Holder
PRR2Round Mobile Phone Ring
PRS1Square Phone Ring Holder
PS000Small Square Photo Slate
PS001Medium Square Photo Slate
PS002Large Square Photo Slate
PS004Small Rectangle Photo Slate
PS005Medium Rectangle Photo Slate
PS006Large Rectangle Photo Slate
PS007Panorama Rectangle Photo Slate
PS008Square Coaster Photo Slate
PS009Small Tablet Photo Slate
PS010Large Tablet Photo Slate
PS41Rectangular Stone Slate
PS42Rectangular Stone Slate
RMC1Round Money Clip
RRG4Rotating Phone Ring Holder
RS2510Rectangular Hanging Slate
RS2518Rectangular Hanging Slate
RSC10Round Slate Coaster
RTM25Round Slate Table Mat
SB110White Drawstring Bag
SB200Small Shoulder Bag
SB200FFlap For Small Shoulder Bag
SB210Medium Shoulder Bag
SB210FFlap For Medium Shoulder Bag
SB220Large Shoulder Bag
SB220FFlap For Large Shoulder Bag
SB300Neoprene Wine Tote
SB310Neoprene Wine Tote
SB350Lunch Bag W/ Shoulder Strap
SB400Canvas Shopping Bag
SB450Shopping Bag (Non-Woven)
SB500Eyeglass Pouch 10/Pkg
SBK20Mutifunction Storage Box
SC012Saddle Collection Notebook
SC015Saddle Collection Notebook
SC018Saddle Collection Noteboo
SC019Saddle Collection Notebook
SC022Saddle Collection Portfolio
SC025Saddle Collection Portfolio
SC028Saddle Collection Portfolio
SC029Saddle Collection Portfolio
SC032Saddle Collection Portfolio
SC035Saddle Collection Portfolio
SC038Saddle Collection Portfolio
SC039Saddle Collection Portfolio
SC042Saddle Collection Card Holder
SC045Saddle Collection Card Holder
SC048Saddle Collection Card Holder
SC049Saddle Collection Card Holder
SC052Saddle Collection Wine Tote
SC055Saddle Collection Wine Tote
SC058Saddle Collection Wine Tote
SC059Saddle Collection Wine Tote
SC062Saddle Collection Wine Tote
SC065Saddle Collection Wine Tote
SC068Saddle Collection Wine Tote
SC069Saddle Collection Wine Tote
SC072Saddle Collection Laserable Sh
SC075Saddle Collection Laserable Sh
SC078Saddle Collection Laserable Sh
SC079Saddle Collection Laserable Sh
SCB2Saddle Collection Buckskin
SCB5Saddle Collection Chestnut
SCB8Saddle Collection Bay Brown
SCB9Saddle Collection Black
SCBH2Saddle Collection Buckskin
SCBH5Saddle Collection Chestnut
SCBH8Saddle Collection Bay Brown
SCBH9Saddle Collection Black
SCBR2Saddle Collection Buckskin
SCBR5Saddle Collection Chestnut
SCBR8Saddle Collection Bay Brown
SCBR9Saddle Collection Black
SCBT2Saddle Collection Buckskin
SCBT5Saddle Collection Chestnut
SCBT8Saddle Collection Bay Brown
SCBT9Saddle Collection Black
SCC172Saddle Collection Buckskin
SCC175Saddle Collection Chestnut
SCC178Saddle Collection Bay Brown
SCC179Saddle Collection Black
SCC2Saddle Collection Sq Coaster
SCC5Saddle Collection Sq Coaster
SCC8Saddle Collection Sq Coaster
SCC9Saddle Collection Sq Coaster
SCF122Saddle Collection Buckskin
SCF125Saddle Collection Chestnut
SCF128Saddle Collection Bay Brown
SCF129Saddle Collection Black
SCF142Saddle Collection Buckskin
SCF145Saddle Collection Chestnut
SCF148Saddle Collection Bay Brown
SCF172Saddle Collection Buckskin
SCF175Saddle Collection Chestnut
SCF178Saddle Collection Bay Brown
SCF179Saddle Collection Black
SCF182Saddle Collection Buckskin
SCF185Saddle Collection Chestnut
SCF188Saddle Collection Bay Brown
SCF189Saddle Collection Black
SCF242Saddle Collection Frame
SCF245Saddle Collection Frame
SCF248Saddle Collection Frame
SCF249Saddle Collection Frame
SCF352Saddle Collection Frame
SCF355Saddle Collection Frame
SCF358Saddle Collection Frame
SCF359Saddle Collection Frame
SCF772Saddle Collection Buckskin
SCF775Saddle Collection Chestnut
SCF778Saddle Collection Bay Brown
SCF779Saddle Collection Black
SCF802Saddle Collection Frame
SCF805Saddle Collection Frame
SCF808Saddle Collection Frame
SCF809Saddle Collection Frame
SCH2Saddle Collection Buckskin
SCH5Saddle Collection Chestnut
SCH8Saddle Collection Bay Brown
SCH9Saddle Collection Black
SCH92Saddle Collection Buckskin
SCH95Saddle Collection Chestnut
SCH98Saddle Collection Bay Brown
SCH99Saddle Collection Black
SCHF2Saddle Collection Hip Flask
SCHF5Saddle Collection Hip Flask
SCHF8Saddle Collection Hip Flask
SCHF9Saddle Collection Hip Flask
SCK2Saddle Collection Keyring
SCK5Saddle Collection Keyring
SCK8Saddle Collection Keyring
SCK9Saddle Collection Keyring
SCKR2Saddle Collection Buckskin
SCKR5Saddle Collection Chestnut
SCKR8Saddle Collection Bay Brown
SCKR9Saddle Collection Black
SCLB2Saddle Collection Buckskin
SCLB5Saddle Collection Chestnut
SCLB8Saddle Collection Bay Brown
SCLB9Saddle Collection Black
SCLT2Saddle Collection Luggage Tag
SCLT5Saddle Collection Luggage Tag
SCLT8Saddle Collection Luggage Tag
SCLT9Saddle Collection Luggage Tag
SCMC2Saddle Collection Buckskin
SCMC5Saddle Collection Chestnut
SCMC8Saddle Collection Bay Brown
SCMC9Saddle Collection Black
SCNB32Saddle Collection Rect. Badge
SCNB35Saddle Collection Rect. Badge
SCNB38Saddle Collection Rect. Badge
SCNB39Saddle Collection Rect. Badge
SCNB452Saddle Collection Rect. Badge
SCNB455Saddle Collection Rect. Badge
SCNB458Saddle Collection Rect. Badge
SCNB459Saddle Collection Rect. Badge
SCP12Saddle Collection Buckskin
SCP15Saddle Collection Chestnut
SCP18Saddle Collection Bay Brown
SCP19Saddle Collection Black
SCP2Saddle Collection Buckskin
SCP22Saddle Collection Buckskin
SCP25Saddle Collection Chestnut
SCP28Saddle Collection Bay Brown
SCP29Saddle Collection Black
SCP3Saddle Collection Portfolio
SCP5Saddle Collection Chestnut
SCP7Saddle Collection Portfolio
SCP8Saddle Collection Bay Brown
SCP9Saddle Collection Black
SCR2Saddle Collection Buckskin
SCR5Saddle Collection Chestnut
SCR8Saddle Collection Bay Brown
SCR9Saddle Collection Black
SCRD2Saddle Collection Buckskin
SCRD5Saddle Collection Chestnut
SCRD8Saddle Collection Bay Brown
SCRD9Saddle Collection Black
SCS2Saddle Collection Cup Sleeve
SCS5Saddle Collection Cup Sleeve
SCS8Saddle Collection Cup Sleeve
SCS9Saddle Collection Cup Sleeve
SCS92Saddle Collection Buckskin
SCS95Saddle Collection Chestnut
SCS98Saddle Collection Bay Brown
SCS99Saddle Collection Black
SCT92Saddle Collection Buckskin
SCT95Saddle Collection Chestnut
SCT98Saddle Collection Bay Brown
SCT99Saddle Collection Black
SCTB2Saddle Collection Buckskin
SCTB5Saddle Collection Chestnut
SCTB8Saddle Collection Bay Brown
SCTB9Saddle Collection Black
SCW2Saddle Collection Buckskin
SCW22Saddle Collection Buckskin
SCW25Saddle Collection Chestnut
SCW28Saddle Collection Bay Brown
SCW29Saddle Collection Black
SCW5Saddle Collection Chestnut
SCW8Saddle Collection Bay Brown
SCW9Saddle Collection Black
SCWB2Saddle Collection Buckskin
SCWB5Saddle Collection Chestnut
SCWB8Saddle Collection Bay Brown
SCWB9Saddle Collection Black
SCWS2Saddle Collection Buckskin
SCWS5Saddle Collection Chestnut
SCWS72Saddle Collection Buckskin
SCWS75Saddle Collection Chestnut
SCWS78Saddle Collection Bay Brown
SCWS79Saddle Collection Black
SCWS8Saddle Collection Bay Brown
SCWS9Saddle Collection Black
SDP1Sequin Drawstring Backpack
SDP2Sequin Drawstring Backpack
SDP3Sequin Drawstring Backpack
SDP4Sequin Drawstring Backpack
SF2419Slate Frame
SF2519Slate Frame
SF2621Slate Frame
SF64Square Slate Frame
SF810Heart Shaped Slate Frame
SG305Square Bottle Stopper (120/Cs)
SG310Square Compact Mirror (240/Cs)
SG335NRectangular Metal Tin No Insrt
SG336Rectangular Metal Tin Insert
SG340Fabric Notebook 9.5X12.5 In
SGS777" X 7" Garden Stake
SGS797" X 9.5" Garden Stake
SHS55" Heart Slate Ornament
SMC2Square Money Clip
SNT66Slate Name Tag
SRT33" Round Slate Ornament
SRT44" Round Slate Ornament
SSC10Square Slate Coaster
SSG34Silver Sublimation Growler
SSG64Silver Sublimation Growler
SSPGBLBlue Pint Glass 16Oz
SSPGBUBurgundy Pint Glass 16Oz
SSPGMBMatte Black Pint Glass 16Oz
SSPGOROrange Pint Glass 16Oz
SSPGPKPink Pint Glass 16Oz
SSPGRDRed Pint Glass 16Oz
SSPGSESeafoam Pint Glass 16Oz
SSPGSTStainless Pint Glass 16Oz
SSPGWHWhite Pint Glass 16Oz
SST55" Star Slate Ornament
SSWTVBLUBlue Stemless Wine Glass
SSWTVBU12Oz Stemless Wine Glass
SSWTVMBMatte Blk Stemless Wine Glass
SSWTVOOrange Stainless Wine Glass
SSWTVPPink Stemless Wine Glass
SSWTVRRed Stemless Wine Glass
SSWTVSESeafoam Stemless Wine Glass
SSWTVSTStainless Stemless Wine Glass
SSWTVWWhite Stemless Wine Glass
ST2535Slate Tray
STB1Sequin Double Layer Tote Bag
STB2Sequin Double Layer Tote Bag
STB3Sequin Double Layer Tote Bag
STB4Double Layer Tote Bag
STM2030Square Slate Table Mat
STRAP75Brown Leather Strap
STT55" Tree Slate Ornament
SUBGL3Sublimation Heat Gloves
SUBHPWhite Hot Pad 8X8
SUBWALL1Small Leatherette Wallet
SUBWALL2Large Leatherette Wallet
SUBWALL3Denim Wallet
SWG34White Sublimation Growler
SWG64White Sublimation Growler
SWI9Alum Small Wallet Insert
TC1824Linen Tissue Case
WB300Maple Recipe Box (24/Cs)
WB400Black 4X4 Keepsake Box (36/Cs)
WB410Brown 4X4 Keepsake Box (36/Cs)
WBSR01Wooden Wine Bottle Stopper
WC01Wooden Wine Case
WCI01Wooden Case Insert
WHK033Maple Paper Clip Holder 2X2X3"
WHK050White Pen Gift Box-Single
WHK051Black Velvet Gift Pouch
WHK074Maple Keychain W/Tape
WHK079Rosewood Twist Grip Pen
WHK114Triangular Single Pen Bx Maple
WHK115Triangular Single Pen Box Rose
WHK118Oval Single Pen Box - Maple
WHK120Rosewood Starlight Pen
WHK167Maple Photo Album - Mini
WHK170Maple Letter Opener
WHK177Combo Pocket Mirror
WHK181Maple Heart Keepsake Box
WHK182Classic Single Pen Box - Bambo
WHK189Rosewood Combo Pocket Mirror
WLI11Alum Insert Simplicity Wallet
WRAP105Sublimation Shrink Wrap
WRAP125Sublimation Shrink Wrap
WRAP150Sublimation Shrink Wrap
WRAP175Sublimation Shrink Wrap
WRAP195Sublimation Shrink Wrap
WRAP80Sublimation Shrink Wrap
WTW001Folding Pen Box -Single
WTW002Folding Pen Box -Double
WWC3Wooden Wine Case W/ Insert
XP8210White Aluminum Water Bottle
XP8255Silver 8Oz Steel Flask
XP8255WWrap For 8Oz Ss Flask
XP9100Clear Glass Mason Jar W/Handle
XP9100FFrosted Clear Glass Mason Jar
XP910112Oz Mason Jar W/Straw