Rowmark FusionGrafix
FusionGrafix Sample Fan

Johnson Plastics Plus is pleased to offer FusionGrafix from Rowmark

100% Customizable Laser & Rotary Engravable Patterned Acrylic Sheet

Johnson Plastics Plus is excited to offer an exciting new product line from Rowmark called FusionGraphix. This designer inspired custom plastic product is a stunning combination of graphic pattern over a colored cap with durable acrylic core. FusionGraphix gives you the freedom to create hundreds of upscale signage options by choosing one of the 7 graphic designs overlaid on one of the 30 colored substrates. Perfect for architectural, environmental or corporate board room type applications that are sure to impress. The laser or rotary engravable sheets are UV stable, 2 ply (1/16"), semi-gloss products that are great for internal or external signage.

Rowmark developed this customizable product to meet requests for more architectural and environmental graphic signage as well as POP design options. With an entirely unique graphic appearance, FusionGrafix™ is specifically designed to help you capture business outside the typical signage and awards marketplace.

Graphic Choices

  • Carbon Fiber
  • Shattered Ice
  • Crystal Ice Silver
  • Diamond Plate Black
  • Diamond Plate Silver
  • Graphite Weave Black
  • Graphite Weave Silver

Material Choices

  • Red/White (FG922-602)
  • Burgundy/White (FG922-622)
  • Ribbon Pink/White (FG922-662)
  • Orange/White (FG922-612)
  • Yellow/Black (FG922-704)
  • Bright Green/White (FG922-932)
  • Celadon/White (FG922-972)
  • Pine Green/White (FG922-912)
  • Sky Blue/White (FG922-512)
  • Sapphire/White (FG922-502)
  • Light Blue/White (FG922-562)
  • Navy Blue/White (FG922-552)
  • China Blue/White (FG922-382)
  • Purple/White (FG922-582)
  • White/Black (FG922-204)
  • Almond/Black (FG922-854)
  • Light Grey/Black (FG922-324)
  • Smoke Grey/White (FG922-312)
  • Medium Brown/White (FG922-822)
  • Dark Brown/White (FG922-842)
  • Black/White (FG922-402)
  • Brushed Aluminum/Black (FG922-354)
  • Brushed Bronze/Black (FG922-874)
  • Brushed Copper/Black (FG922-894)
  • Brushed Deep Bronze/Black (FG922-884)
  • Brushed Gold/Black (FG922-734)
  • Brushed Silver/Black (FG922-334)
  • European Gold/Black (FG922-754)
  • Smooth Gold/Black (FG922-714)
  • Smooth Silver/Black (FG922-344)
Combinations will be shown below. Be sure to uncheck a prior selection when you want to choose a new combination.
Graphics and Colors combinations are not an exact representation of the finished product, please contact us to request a sample of actual material.
FusionGrafix Samples

How to Order

FusionGraphix is a custom order product that will ship within 7 days of order, with a 2 sheet minimum. Contact Customer Service by:

Phone: 800-869-7800