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AccuCutter 13" Guillotine Shear (3001 Series)
Item # 300113


The standard 13" shears are constructed to industrial standards, and the resulting mass of the shears contributes significantly to their performance. If you have worked with industrial equipment, you know that the heavier, sturdier equipment is more stable and less fatiguing to operate. Most of the weight is in the guillotine action that is made entirely of steel. Once that mass is put in motion, its inertial contributes to the ease and smoothness of the operation of the shear. While lighter weight designs can move during use and be difficult to use, the standard 13" shears do not have these problems. The shears cut foils, aluminum and plastic with little or no effort. Even the most timid operator can cut harder materials like half-hard trophy brass producing full width cuts that are flat and square.
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